I have two alts with professions that I really need to work on.
Well, I have a dk as well but I don’t like it so it doesn’t count.

Pazima, my priest, had enchanting and jewelcrafting due to my old guild needing them for the professions achievement Working As A Team. Jewelcrafting was getting mighty expensive as I was needing someone to find the mats or buy them from the ah. When I left Enter the Fury I didn’t need to keep it up. Seeing that I was a clothie I thought tailoring was a good option as (check out how pro I am) I thought that it would make disenchanting easier to level by default. Bearing in mind that I was level 47 at the time I found my linin and set to making bags and shirts until I’d got to around lvl 100.

It’s at around that time I transferred my main to a different realm and started playing on (wait for it) horde *gulp* /cry. Three of us decided to make druids to cover all the dps/healing/tank bases and it was at that point that I picked up skinning and tailoring on that too. Skinning I didn’t care much for but gathering profs are always handy. Tailoring however I got up to level 275 before contemplating moving my main back again. I wasn’t particularly bothered about leaving it behind, it was level 72 so fairly sturdy to come back to if I wanted and for the main part I hardly spent anything out trying to level my professions on it.

At this point it would be worth while to note that I have inscription and herbalism on my main. Herb gathering is always a winner for alchemists for flasks and with SoO going on there are a lot of flasks to be made. My feelings towards inscription declined after hitting 600. There were so many glyphs on the ah and none seemed to be selling. Apart from the shoulder enchants It felt like the only people who benefitted from it where the scribes themselves and the rest was like flogging a dead horse.

Anyway… A month after being back I checked on Pazima and sighed. She had so much promise to make me some gold! I set about levelling tailoring again and got her to 275. I then decided that this was crazy. I have another alt which I will never play unless I get her over here and she has tailoring too. With that I forked out for a realm and faction change and brought her over. I had been running Kara on my main and had lots of Netherweave stashed in Pazimas bank. I got Emava invited into Jesters and then mailed the cloth from Pazima to Emava and made 9 Netherweave bags. I put them on via the AH on the Armory app, it automatically set them at 49g bid price and 52g buy out. The next morning I saw that I had sold all 9. All I need to do is keep making bags and levelling her up. Any odds and ends, I have been making stuff for Pazima to disenchant, also buying very cheap cloth from the AH if I’m feeling lazy.

Problem now is that I have two alts with tailoring. I have Emava for the bags to sell and cloth armour etc I need another profession that would be in constant demand. (if only Blizzard made it that if you swapped out a glyph, you lost it completely, then you would have to buy it or get it made again.) Pazima has the lowest so she’s going to have to drop hers. With flight form on my druid I think I might swap skinning to mining. And then replace the tailoring on Pazima with… jewelcrafting. *headdesk*

One thought on “Professions

  1. I have two alts with tailoring too, since I faction changed my warlock, but I’ve decided to make this work for me by having one crafting royal satchels at every opportunity and the other got the drop for making celestial cloth yesterday so will work on that instead. I always have an over abundance of wind wool cloth so for now it’s working. I’m contemplating making a second alchemist with with potions or flask mastery as monknessa has transmutation! And of course Shamanessa is at 425 with enchanting, but her second prof which is herbalism to support my alchemist & inscriptioner might be up for change…


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