I am quite attached to my transmog, or rather, slutmog.


I finally completed Kara to get my Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix which goes with my red/gold colours quite nicely to replace my still awesome gun. There are certain bits which don’t quite go, like my gloves and to some extent my boots but they were the best I could find at the time.  Unfortunately I was running Kara again to get items for my priest to disenchant and was at the ‘Opera Event’.  For once in 20 runs it wasn’t the Wizard of Oz and it was Little Red Riding Hood.
An almighty gun dropped, the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle, it looks like a Tommy gun with a knife on the end and it’s black. I am in love with it. I have lots of other bows and guns which look really impressive but I have nothing to go with them (typical woman)

I was looking through the ah for cheap items for disenchanting when I came across some Hero’s Leggings. They looked pretty cool and were black with a red sheen to them. I bought them to stash and looked up what the full set would look like. The only thing that puts me off leggings is that if your boots are not high enough you end up with leg showing. My boots I currently have are high enough and so are the ones that go with the set (you still see some leg but its the cut of the leggings rather than ‘ankle boot’ syndrome) but the drop rate for them is quite low 😦 I wandered off into Blackrock Spire to try and get them but no such luck. Me being a typical woman, as nothing dropped that said ‘hero’ and I already had a mogged set, I didn’t get too cut up about it and sloped off back to Stormwind.

Having looked through, I now think that maybe I should have something to off-set my slutmog. Something a bit more ‘meaty’. Im quite taken by the ‘Hulking Set’. Looks pretty nice and then with that gun *drool*. And theres only so far boobs and bum will get you.

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