Mount macro

Do you have unloved mounts?
Would you like to see them more often?
Like to enter a battleground riding a goat?

Look no further than Verdies ‘Mount Up!’ Macro!

Copy and paste this into your macro screen (accessed by /macro)

/run if not IsMounted() then local m,t,f=”mount”,{{},{}} for i=2,GetNumCompanions(m) do tinsert(t[,select(6,GetCompanionInfo(m,i)))==0 and 1 or 2],i) end f=IsFlyableArea() and 2 or 1 CallCompanion(m,t[f][random(#t[f])]) else Dismount() end

Essentially this macro will select a flying mount at random if you are in an area where you can fly and a ground mount if you are in an area you cant.
Can sometimes try and select the Abyssal Seahorse and also can try and select Cloud Serpents even if you are not able to ride them but neverless an amazing little macro from the genius that is Verdie!

2 thoughts on “Mount macro

  1. *Admires characters awesome kung fu moves*
    *Dispatches enemies left and right a la Bruce Lee*
    *Pops epic heals to nearby players*
    *mounts brown riding goat*
    *blasts off into sunset on teeny tiny cloppity goat legs*


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