So we were messing about in the shrine after we had all done our bits and were waiting for the RGB group to take shape. I was on my Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent (Thanks RT1!) When Monknessa arrived on her Serpent. We were there looking pretty when another guildie mounted up on theirs. We were looking super cool parading outside the main door.



Someone has to go and steal our thunder and turn up in a Sky Golem!


Monknessa squealed a little over teamspeak and our clutch of cloud serpents all turned to look. It was pretty impressive.  Having a look on the ah there is one for sale for a cool 150000g and a couple of guildies were talking about making and then selling it.
The mats needed are horrendous! However, it begs the question when are tailors going to be able to make an amazing mount that’s along this line? How about a hot air balloon adorned with flags made out of tons of imperial silk? Flying carpets are so last season…

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