Titan Runestones

I’m on the last leg of the legendary questline. The current grind is getting annoying. Now I don’t mind a bit of lfr fun but having to do it all relentlessly three times over is getting a bit, well… soul destroying. The only consolation I have is that Le Shen and Sha of Pride drop one every week and as you only need 12 thats only 6 weeks to need to keep doing it. (for butt-hurt over it, look here)

Six weeks of lfr…

Six weeks…


Thats a long time. The queue time on Dragonmaw during the day is about an hour for each raid. Then if you are spectacularly unlucky (as I clearly was when SoO lfr first appeared) then you could be in one wing for FOUR HOURS. I think most people in there were just smacking the keyboard with their mouse and hoping for the best.

Im currently sitting on 4 runestones. So four weeks if I’m unlucky. Then I have to kill Celestials. Which can’t be any worse than the god damn forge scenario, infuriating at best, abandon-worthy at its worst. On the plus side, I was so far behind everyone else that I didn’t need to wait for the forge to be ‘opened up’ before I could go in and do it.

For those of you who have wiped that devil of a place from your minds… heres a nice flashback for you…


This was very definitely a ‘thank fuck’ moment when I completed it. Would have been easier if I was still a Marksman hunter with my much missed Chimera Shot.

I was running with a lfr group to get the Sha of Pride (had a ‘doh’ moment when the runestone didn’t drop as I had already had it when I ran it on flex earlier on in the week)

We had wiped quite a lot (well, a couple of times on this) and there was a lot of ‘helpful’ (code for instance chat rage) comments coming through. One which I loved and screen shotted was for the Sha of Pride and what happens when you get certain amounts of pride. EG: keep an eye on your bar and don’t just stand there like a knob…


This was pure comedy gold. The amount of people who just stood there in the middle and didn’t move was amazing and prompted this oscar worthy raid warning.

On the flip side, you get groups like this:

And then you get groups like this, spoiled by one person who thinks they know it all. (He/she wasn’t even very good, the amount of adds left to wander around and then we are told to ‘kill the adds you fking retards!’)

My original message when I died after popping a couple of shots in Suns ass was: ‘Sorry guys! Lagged out as someone pulled the boss right as I loaded in’


Maybe the dumb ass DK who can’t read even the chat box they are typing in should have paid attention to Ghostcrawler:


So, after that, for now; I’m going to run lfr until I want to punch my screen and hope its all over soon!

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