Flex funnies

After the officers meeting on Thursday, Alr and Monknessa plucked me from my slacking and  transported me into the world of Flex.

At first I couldn’t get in as they were just finishing the Fallen Protectors but I kept clicking ‘teleport to instance’ and eventually rocked up.

We needed to get to Norushen and we hugged the rock face as we made our way through the trash. We came across ‘Vanity’ and while the melee had to drop down to it, the majority of the healers and I stayed at the top on the ledge, out of harms way. As I fired off my first shot, Barney scuttled down the sheer drop to join in the fight. I was concerned after the trash was down that he might pull extra mobs trying to make his way back to me. I needn’t have worried, like a mountain goat/unrealistic computer character he managed to scale the vertical face and return to me, like the good little pink dinosaur he is.

We got into Norushen’s domain and took up our positions. I don’t quite know what was wrong with me but I only remember three bits of this fight (which might go some way to explaining why I ended up like I did)
-I remember dying almost instantly and feeling like a complete twat because I had no idea why I had died.
-I remember being ressed (they’re was no getting away from it with two Druids and a Death Knight on the team) and thwacking the boss about a bit, seeing an add pop up, my brain went into auto-pilot and before a tank had a chance to pick it up I fired one shot at it. It decided it wasn’t going to stand for that and waltzed over and bitch-slapped me to death. It didn’t go unnoticed that I had died again
-I remember people talking about loot and the tier peice that drops. There is a chest peice and there were a few people who wanted that. When the loot box opened, I re-rolled as everything this boss had to offer was an upgrade. I got gold. Never mind. I asked for a res to avoid keeping people waiting with my loading screen and then, once alive checked my cache. Omfg. The rest of the team were lamenting over their gold or the fact that they got worthless loot. ‘I’ve got the chest’ I whispered over ts.
‘What! But you were dead!?’

Sha was uneventful, we did what we were supposed to, killed what we were supposed to and most of us survived until the end *side steps away*
This time I didn’t roll on anything and was happy with the few breadcrumbs of gold that was thrown my way.

The funny one was the great piñata that is Iron Juggernaut. I’m not sure why Blizzard put in a boss like this after they introduced the soul destroyer that is Spine of Deathwing in the last expansion. Actually, maybe that is why!

We cantered up to the gates to take him on. Mind was in the Sky Golem. Upon seeing ‘Juggers’ the realisation of what was in front of him hit home…



If only he had turned around but the uncanny resemblance between ‘father’ and ‘son’ was clear for all to see. Unfortunately, Mind was quite happy to kill his ‘father’ and pillage his rusting shell…

While we were waiting (for what, I have no idea. It was like when you group up before going into a nightclub but you don’t actually join the queue) Stanza decided that he would let curiosity get the better of him and he went for a gallop around Juggers. All was going well. We watched him dally around dipping in and out of the fences add he skirted around the boss. Ts was mainly silent, as we waited for the inevitable to happen.

DBM announced that we had initiated the fight. ‘Have fun! :)’ it joyfully told us. We all were watching Stanza, up one minute and down the next.
“Good work”
“What were you doing?”
“Stop dying!”
“I wanted to see how big his aggro area was, I found it…” Stanza explained as he ran back in.
Juggers reset and was further back. Stanza went around again and pulled the boss. We waited for his nameplate to say ‘dead’ but it didn’t happen.
“That was a panic vanish!” He gulped as he appeared in front of us. Juggers disappeared again.
“I wonder if I can run there and back before he respawns?”

Without waiting to hear our pleas, he was off. He made it there and he made it back.
“Go for lap two?” He asked while running back again.
“You should have just stayed dead” Alr sighed as Stanzas little blue pony disappeared into the distance.
As he was running back Juggers decided to make an entrance. Stanza swerved behind him.
“That, was close” he laughed as he swung back round to the group.
“Why did you not take our Rogue sacrifice!” Someone wailed. “He wants to die!”
“Shall we just kill the boss?” Zinta asked. ‘Yes’ rang out over ts as everyone tried to agree at the same time. And with that, we set to it…


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