Images that made me laugh…

We have a section on the guild forum for ‘Too good not to share’ items. Pictures about WoW or other general funnies that we have found on the internet. I came across these and a few I have shared but the rest are sitting idly on my desktop. Rather than keep them for myself, why not share them with everyone!


43 years ago

Older than WoW its self… This person has been playing since WoW was just a sparkle in Blizzards eye!



If someone wants to make this cake for my birthday please, feel free!


captain planet

Can’t help but think – How long did it take them to finish fighting over who was going to be what colour? How long did it take them to get their mogs? And where is the Pink Power Ranger?!?!



Dominos online ordering. Many times I’ve thought about what you would put in this box… “be sexy” was as close as we got when ordering during a flat warming party…



All those people who charge at the doors on battlegrounds, with their combined effort maybe one day they will force those computer gates open with the power of pixels!



The gods honest truth. It took me an hour to complete this dungeon as no one wanted to run it. I was on my Druid while I was still horde and had to take up the position of Tank, Healer and DPS at various points during this dungeon. Almost made me want to sack off being a druid and re-roll…



It’s a heinous crime! (and a bloody good episode!)



This one I love. The amount of comments I get about my slutmog barely covering the ‘essentials’. Although I have a bit more coverage via a few chains, you would have thought that I would have been dead far more times than I am if it actually worked like proper armour! (although I am not too sure that I ‘can’ actually die any more or I would have to re-roll as an undead…)



Oh my god… I want one of these. The cutest thing ever made!



This is as old as the hills. I splurted my drink when I came across it as I immediately thought of the Pallys in guild being like this! (Our Pallys are tough as old plate boots so it would have to be a  really big spider or something to make them bubblehearth 😉 )





This is evident if you stand around in a city for long enough, you always hear the moaning about things being changed and the excitement about other things. (Excitement, confusion, boredom, hatred since and repeat) I think the story is told so much better because its a panda…



Monknessa brought this to our attention on the guild forum. How many times has this happened. or you find one, get excited, enter into battle and then find all your pets are ten level higher than it so you just have o make its death swift and painless…


pony mounts

Oh if only this was real! I have the Celestial Steed (top right) people are always telling me it looks naff because of all the glitter and shit. If only it was an actual My Little Pony… *swoon*



My absolute favourite things in WoW. Sod the Pandas, sod the shiny new loot even sod killing Garrosh. These snails win hands down every time. We ran a raid to the Forgotten Depths and even with us knowing what to expect we were on TS just counting down how many people got eaten by the snails. It was and still is the funniest raid I have ever done.


stat whore

LFR angst. Every raid has someone who has to get arsey. It’s like some Blizzard rule that if you don’t have someone in there who is having a bitch-fit about something then you are doomed to fail. Needless to say its those very same raids that usually have you crying with laughter as people engage their typing fingers before their brains…



Ok, I may have made a hasty decision with the ‘cutest thing ever’ now I have to make a decision. LOOK AT ITS CUTE EYES!!!!



The look on this healers face kinda sums up what they feel when they get yelled at to heal. “You stand in the shit on the floor, you’re not getting healed” “KICK THE NOOB HEALER! OMFG!”



The Alliance ARE unicorns! We are precious and magical. And we just killed your Warchief. Suck on that *snort*



Yeah, this is how I feel every time I have to go there… and OH JOY! Looks like I’ll be going there AGAIN to farm ore *waves worlds smallest flag*


warlock disco


This is what happens when Warlocks have a disco….


Annnnd we’re done! Hope you like them, they certainly have made my WoW down time more interesting!


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