Flex for RT3

We had a flex run up on the calendar up for about two weeks with members of he guild who had expressed and interest in it  and then opened it out to the guild for any extras.

Luckily (or unluckily) RT2 were not raiding that night so we had plenty of people who knew what they were doing!

We were aiming for one wing as it was a late start. We got through what we wanted and had some fun on the way.

Immersius was a standard fight. Stack and spread. After the first spread and everyone ran back, the stacking got a little lax. Instead of ‘standing on blue’ it turned into ‘stand on the platform marked blue’ needless to say sha splashes were everywhere…

When we got to the Fallen Protectors, there was a bit of boss explaining for those who hadn’t done much raiding. While Sylvia was doing this, a magical wood grew where we were standing.


It was pretty but it was missing something… Music and food!


Things got a bit out of hand at this point and it turned into a banquet rather than a picnic… While taking screen shots, Nessa accidentally popped heroism, and then we had the dubious task of eating everything in sight to clear the tables out of the way…





We got through this boss with only one person not paying attention to stacking. We trundled on to the next boss with Marvv running ahead doing the pulling. We arrived at the room you see when fighting that huge goblin thing in the scenarios. Norushen was awaiting our arrival so we buffed up and pulled.

The teams were arranged to go in and we started pulling the boss around. There were a few hairy moments with tank switching. People in the orbs got out fairly easily apart from poor JollyJane, who died and needed to be ressed so he could go in again. His son was very excited to be watching him in a raid and voiced his pleasure at seeing the boss go down over team speak. It was after this kill that we all seemed reluctant to go into ‘The Wipe Room’

Eventually, after we had hung around the door a bit Marvv bit the bullet and went in. A few brave should followed. This room Sylvia has to poke us with sticks to get in and start clearing, even on normal. Everyone hates it and its a competition to see who can get in there and then survive.

Once the room was cleared Marvv explained the tactics to JollyJane, where to tank it, what to do with the prison etc…

When we started on it it was probably the least messy of all of the bosses. The stack, spread, rinse and repeat method is simple enough to execute and relatively pain free.

Once the boss was downed. Nessa managed to get two their piece chests, so she went to sort them out while we hung around outside. It turned into an exotic mount parade.



We then had a crack at Galakras, it was fairly late so we were not expecting much. We had cleared the trash and were waiting for the pull when the inevitable flirting started with that handsome devil Wrynn. It jumped from people to animals, where the line that even WoW is a bit fuzzy on was crossed….


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