New Lootz!

I’ve been joining RT2 for the progression runs on SoO. We have a Hunter in the main group, Roskva. Who is pretty much kitted out in Normal gear and so he has kindly allowed me to partake on certain bosses that he is not looking for gear from. This has meant that even though I’m running around with some LFR stuff I have now got mainly Flex and some Normal gear. There was a run that he was working for that I joined the full run for the night.

Everyone now knows that my connection is slower than Thrall in Escape from Durnholde Keep. If we have died, it’s far quicker to res me than it is to wait for me to run in. It’s a fine line between waiting for people to run it to res and just pressing the button to res. (often iI’ve clicked it just before someone says ‘I’ll res!’ -.-) Anyway…

We were killing Galakras. I was in the tower group, I was instructed to jump in the first cannon as I was the lowest dps and start shooting the drakes. we got up and I was beaten to the cannon. This meant I was late getting to the other tower and was one shotted by a Beserker that was left wandering around on the stairs. Not my finest moment… and then the other started to die as well, we were so close to calling a wipe but the boss was down and only had a few k’s of health left.

After the fight (they did manage it) I decided to run in. I heard the survving members and the ones who had run in far quicker than me on TS discussing loot.

“Oh! That’s a nice bow for Zionxi!”

“I don’t think she needs it”

“And it’s warfordged!”

“She wont want that! disenchant!”

I was so close to getting back in “I’m running!” I hollered over TS

Once I was in I had Sylvia gz me and the bow arrived in my bags.

Holy. Shit.

Dagryn’s Discarded Longbow


I did feel bad as a guildie Tsff had just made me a scope for my current bow only two days before. I was desperate to get this bad boy up and running properly. Now just to get rid of my stupid LFR stuff so I’m kitted out properly (kinda).


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