SoO delights

Not many posts. Sorry about that 😦
Things have been quite busy. We’ve had more realms being merged to ours which has resulted in more players joining our ranks. It’s good to see so many people in guild chat and doing things.
We have had some ‘not so great’ people who have left or been removed for various reasons.

There has been the reformation of RT3. Which has caused some grievances but we are muddling our way through. More updates on that later.

We completed the 25 man run on normal to get the 14/14 status on wowprogress. Which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing to see how much the guild kicks ass, a curse to see only us listed in the 25 man section and standing at 13/14. Things needed to be done.
The raid itself was fun. The trying to work out how to set the raid to 25 man normal when it was currently at 10 man but the person leading was in heroic mode was… well it was still fun as we were surprising a lot of hordies who were trying to make their way in as well. It was confusing to say the least.

Most of us had completed it as Flex or at least LFR. (I myself have only done it as flex) so we know what to expect. We set off, Alrysia taunting and then getting leap of faithed back into the group. Dealing with the weapon when they were thrown into the pile of players.

“Weapon. …WEAPON”

The split into the other realm, which is usually my nemesis due to my shoddy graphics was the least of my worries. I died only once. We had wiped a fair amount so we had lots of practice. My only death came from running between Garrosh’s legs to get behind him and instead of staring at his arse with the rest of the group I ended up with my head pressed up against his balls and then I was hit by his massive cone (not a euphemism).

There was another wipe where we got hit by whirling purple things and for some reason it was like the raid was hit by a train. I was lingering at the back with half my health. Everyone was dead and Garrosh turned in my direction after he had stopped spinning around,  shaking off the people things. Feign death. Reset. I hop up with a triumphant “YAY” followed by other people chittering “perfect timing!” “Mass res inc!”.

We had a ninja pull to deal with. Ordinarily you would find that person chastised and shame brought upon them by tutting in teamspeak. The ninja by fortune or misfortune was the main tank. As suddenly everything started happening a voice rang out. “What the hell? Aw lets go for it.” As we all muddled in, a little confused by the zero second pull timer there was laughter. “I only reached for a sandwich and I pulled the boss!”

There was mind controlling to contend with. At one point my target to silence was running around irratically, their name plate merging with the bosses so I couldn’t quite manage to click on them. Not wanting to waste a silencing shot I ran towards them and stunned them so they would stop running around like a loon. Someone else got the silence in and everything was back to normal. “Thanks for stunning me…” they said in complete confusion. Well, either that or I spam click on your nameplate and then run the risk of shooting you!
The adds at the end were also a headache. To kill them or not to kill them, that is the question. Many attempts were made not killing them. We got down to the last few percent and then were overcome. The reason? Well, with a zillion adds charging around we were finding it hard to pick out the people who were mind controlled which meant they were then free to kick our asses. Up the executive decision to kill the adds we had a few more wipes and then jackpot! Multiple banners exploded into our screens, much cheering rang out on ts. One can only wonder what went through the minds of the rival guilds as yet another realm first was announced to them…


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