Wednesday Reset – Sub Mounts, Raider IO and The Horde

I've trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.   So you remember the hot mess that was The Dreadwake mount that was given away free with a purchase of 6 months upfront game time? Well, that gripe is back! This time with …

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SoO delights

Not many posts. Sorry about that 😦 Things have been quite busy. We've had more realms being merged to ours which has resulted in more players joining our ranks. It's good to see so many people in guild chat and doing things. We have had some 'not so great' people who have left or been …

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WoW in numbers

When logging into the WoW website there was a really great infographic. Just incase they ever get rid of the actual page the link directs to, I was sad and in awe enough to screen shot everything! Seeing the game in stats really makes you appreciate how vast WoW really is. Enjoy!

Instance chat rage

One of the things I love is the raging that goes on when you put a group of random players together. I'd been on the receiving end a few times as a healer and it's quite funny looking back how angry people get over a game. Yes people, it is only a game. Sorry for any …

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Small stories of past events

While I was playing on Horde I experienced some new content. New to me anyway. While It’s been some time since they happened and I have slept many times since then, it means I cannot rightly remember everything that happened, they do bring back some good memories. So rather than file them away on some …

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Fire and Bloody Horde

While we were on the Timeless Isle there was a guild shout for help with a rare, The Archiereus of Flame that had surprised the party members with the amount of adds that popped up. "We need a raid!" WOO Three of us had already partaken in the killing of the ghost pirate ship (Not …

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Timeless Isle fun

We have all been having fun on the Isle. There has been a bit of ganking but mostly people have been keeping their faction differences to themselves. I have many times pulled my pet off a Horde member and today had someone do the same to me. Along with the previous instance where myself and …

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