I finally have another lvl 90!

I finally got an alt to 90!
Yes that’s right. Boosted.

This time around I didn’t but the collectors edition due to the fact lady time I did that I never used the pet and the mount got old really quickly. So the only thing I was interested in was the game and the boost. Seeing as it cost less that the price of an actual boost I feel I made the right decision.

I’ve boosted a shammy. Lilouann. So I will need to make another page for her. She’s my healer, leatherworker, skinner and extra bag space.

I’ve dragged a group of guildies through a dungeon. Got distracted by talks of mounts and let one of them die (sorry Jollyjane) and then went into ToT lfr.

That’s right… I’ll repeat it though because it’s hard to believe.

I did ToT lfr… As a healer…

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be and for the first two raids I was second healer. They’re was a lovely shaman who I forget the name of who decided to tell everyone I was afk because my mana wasn’t going much down from 300k. 1- I had a lot of spirit to stop me going oom while I was still learning and 2- this was trash. If we needed to burn through our mana on trash then I would have left the group. I then took great pleasure in kicking their ass when it came to healing the boss fight. In my boosted greens, with the most screwed up reforging ever as I really don’t have a clue yet what I’m doing with that. (looking forward to the day when all of that gets cut)

The part that I’m not looking forward to is the long arduous trip that is the legendary quest line. I’ve started gathering my sigils and getting rep but it’s going to be a monumental pain the the behind to go through that all again. The only redemption is that in ToT and such forth the bosses go down relatively quickly.


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