Farming slave

So I decided to make a bank alt as I was just sitting on just too. much. stuff.

The idea was it was going to be like my bank alt on my old realm, a level 1 that was unloved and just sat in Stormwind. Collecting shit from the mailbox and begrudgingly carrying it all to the vault at the back of the bank where in all likelihood, that stuff will never see the light of day again.

That didn’t quite happen.
After ferrying some junk around in the bank, I went back to the starting zone and got to killing me some worgs.
Before I knew it, I was buying more heirlooms I didn’t need to get a bloody chauffeur…

My first mistake was probably creating a priest, as I already had one I was levelling back on Dragonmaw. If I’d have picked a melee class it possibly wouldn’t have made it out of the starting zone. Many of those have been created and deleted in a matter of minutes.

It was around the Darkshire area that I decided that I was going to carry on levelling her and also she was going to have professions. Things were getting real.
I knew I wanted alchemy for pots and shit and the other one was because it was the only one missing as a bloody achievement criteria.

I’d had blacksmithing before. It was actually one of the first professions I had on Zionxi. But after levelling it to the hundreds,  I gave up on it as too much effort and picked up inscription (which I still have) and herbalism (which is now on my DH). I had a warning that this was going to get expensive, tedious or both really quick by my trusty levelling partner but nevertheless, I went back to Stormwind to visit the trainers and then grumble at why they were at opposite ends of the city…

Levelling the actual professions wasn’t as expensive as it could have been, possibly due to my point blank refusal to buy that last copper bar for 15g and instead, relogging onto Jaaila my DH and sending her off into Elwynn Forest to look for it.
Frolicking with lambs, looking for pretty flowers and collecting shinies was probably a million miles away from what she should have been doing on the broken shore (also, a million miles away).

Things did get pretty tedious when the recipes needed Iron. This was alleviated slightly by the need for Mithril to craft, which luckily I had managed to hoard a load of in the bank. but it was soul destroying to realise that I needed iron for steel later and that meant back up North I had to go. I traversed up to Western Plaguelands so many times to farm it that I felt like I should softly weep while on the flight-path in honour of the hours lost from my life.

At one point, I had to level my priest to be able to progress so instead I decided to take a look at alchemy and the herbs needed.
Which was the one thing I wasn’t looking for while mining.
Because I had ‘Find Herbs’ switched off…

Collecting the majority of them wasn’t too bad, helped in part due to the hording nature of my main. That is until I reached the need for Goldthorn. This shit is the bane of my life and the only reason I didn’t lose the will to live last time I farmed it for inscription is down to the fact that any of the same level plants could be used to make the inks I needed. Now it was specifically goldthorn that I required.

As I was flying around Arathi Highlands trying to find it, and ‘try’ is correct, I still couldn’t help myself but to waste further time mining anything I could find. Getting into scraps with the local Ogres and really, really pissing off the horde guards who were standing just that little bit too close to the node I just couldn’t resist. I had a Mortal Kombat button mashing euphoria after managing somehow to kill a guard at lvl 102 with no idea what any of my spells did. I just pressed things and hoped for the best and just chucked my glaves at them whenever I could. Was the node worth it? Of course not! 

I could just craft my stuff with Legion mats and recipes to try and save some sanity but then that would mean that I wouldn’t be the type of person who was stood at a vendor constantly refreshing for an hour to try and get a limited recipe until the server shut down… 

Plus, it’s kinda fun to not be in the Broken Isles for a change!


Oddly Coloured Egg – New Pet mat guide

Sun Darter Hatchling 2

The new Sun Darter Hatchling has been discovered by those on Discord. A very basic ‘how-to’ has been put up on Wowhead however, if you don’t fancy clicking through nearly 80+ separate pages to find out what you need and from where then you’re in luck!


Where the fuck is it??? I want it NOAW!

The egg itself is found in a cave called the Caven of Consumption behind Moonglade, the place where you go to kill that demi-god fish thing in the pond there during one of the festivals… descriptive, I know.

Alright, stop complaining about my shitty directions, Moonglade is here…
Where is Moonglade

The cave pacifies you so you pretty much can’t do anything but consume potions and get your pets out (way-hey) which means that to do anything in there will require things other than how much you can dps-whore. (Or heal-whore depending on what you prefer)

Ok, so I know where it is, but what the fuck do I do???

Yeah, this bit is interesting. So to start with lets just state the obvious. If you don’t want to spend gold on the AH to get the potions you are going to have to compete this on an Alchemist. Why? Because you will need to farm the recipes needed for the potions and they are BoP.
Picking up recipe

If we assume that you don’t want to drop a lot of gold and are just going to farm it then you need to know what you will have to get and then where to find it, right?

OMG, just tell me what I need!!!!1!1!!

Alright, here’s the list of what you need for one person to get through to the pet. But don’t frettle petal, I will go into lists of where to get these in a bit.

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Garona and Jeeves

I’d been so content having Walter that I didn’t really give the actual repairbots any thought.

When I bit the bullet and dropped herbalism for engineering I went around and collected plans but never really did anything with them.

Yesterday I finally handed in one of the last parts of the legendary questline after wandering around with Blackhands severed arm for about a week. I went off to find Kadgar and Garona hanging around outside the Horde camp. Kadgar was as casual as usual, standing there, not caring if he was spotted. Garona was hunkered down, waiting to go on a killing spree.
Picking up this quest I already knew it was going to be a headfuck. No real skill from you. All you had to be concerned about was if your computer could handle enough graphics to clearly show what way the mobs were facing. I’ll give you one guess about the state of graphics on mine…

Heading up with Garona, I could get to the pit with the Horde having some kind of rally but my computer decided that if a mob walked away too far from my char then it would fade into the distance so I never knew when it was walking back. Coupled with the other mobs that were roaming around the was a tiny split second to send Garona in and hope for the best.
Needless to say, it didn’t go well.


After repeating this over and over and at one point watching a guide for so long that the mobs reappeared behind me. I cheated. I joined a random group and got into the first tower that way.
I then joined a second group to get up to where I was supposed to hide behind some barrels.
I got up there and had no idea where I was supposed to be hiding. So, I left the group and let them all come at me. Garona and I were dutifully ‘rescued’.
I went off again, this time trying to sneak around the back, Garona followed me around, enjoying looking at the Horde architecture. Knowing really that there wasn’t going to be a back door I crept back round to the front. There were no mobs.
I inched up to where I needed to go. Half expecting my computer to suddenly kick into gear and all the mobs appear instantly. I nestled myself into a corner and waited. Still no mobs.
I reloaded.
They all appeared.
Garona had vanished.
I could see the little shit down by Kadgar as I poked my head over a wall.

So all that was left was to pick them off one by one Hunter style.
As I inched along the wall of the upper section, coming from the tower opposite the path you’re supposed to take, I shot the mobs one by one. Pulling them over and silencing them before dispatching them quietly away from prying eyes. I had to kill four this way before I got to the crates and could see the cut scene of Deadeye turning into a weird dead looking Horde with spikes.
After the cut scene I was transported back down to Kadgar and Garona. Turning on the quests they disappeared and I was left looking at Hordies.
Thanks for that!

After completing that nightmare I was at a loose end. I’d got a couple of raid achievements that I needed a hand with but started looking at my professions.
I’d looked at making all the research I could to get all the glyphs and then thought about making all the Hunter glyphs but it was a headache having to flick between the inks tab, glyph tab and then the auction house and by that time I’d forgotten the seven herbs I could use to make the ink.
As mentioned before, my computer isn’t the quickest thing in the world so I can’t run wowhead and wow for long before my fps drops into single figures. It has meant I’ve turned to fashioning myself a paper form of my most used Wowhead pages using flashcards.

After writing out all the inks I decided to take a look through my engineering. And my engineering button was right next to my inspiration on what to research making.
Walter was sat there with his little ‘2’ icon. It made me think about when I was last in a raid and the Horde were being very unfriendly and wouldn’t let us put a mount up. We had to coordinate repairbots so we wouldn’t have to go outside.
Scrolling down to Jeeves, I’d collected all the plans for the components to make it but never got any further.
I wrote everything down on a piece of scrap paper and then checked the auction house for bits.
Two hours later, which involved lots of calculations, smelting, farming and nearly being stuck in a Wintergrasp battle. I’d nearly got everything and I was 4k lighter in the gold department.
The last little bit I needed was King’s Amber.
Turns out there were npc’s who sold it for justice points or honor. Not anymore though.
Looking at my scribbled notes on the possibilities my options were; prospecting it from ore, farming Onyxia for her gem bag, getting a jewelcrafter to create an icy prism or finding an alchemist who can transmute it.
The idea of farming ore again was not something that made me jump for joy. However I’d have to go down that route for three options anyway. So I went to Onyxia. The gem bag dropped. Twice on two chars (it was late and I couldn’t be arsed taking the others over there) but both bags contained one solitary Dreadstone.
Now locked, I had to look up the other options. I had previously sold all of my gems so had nothing at all on me. For the prospecting and icy prism I’d need to farm a lot or spend a lot of gold. Transmuting seemed the only viable option. There was a snag though…

So I would need to find at least one alchemist who was able to do it, if I was able to do it on my DK. Otherwise, I’d need to find two.
I went to the ah to find the lesser gems, Autumn’s Glow. Annoyingly there was King’s Amber for sale at 300g per gem. I’d spent far too much already so really wanted to reel in the throwing gold at the auction house. Glow was up for 9g each, bargain. Now all I needed was the Eternal Life to finish up the mats list.

When I was creating the Titansteel I had bought the mats I could (before I started wincing at the cost) and farmed the rest. I had a bunch of Eternal Earth, and I was hoping that I had found the recipe to transmute it to an Eternal Life. No such luck.
The recipe was available on the ah. For over 5k. No. No. No. No.
So I bought the Eternal Life and hopped onto my DK to double check if she had the transmute recipe and if she didn’t, then get it.
I went off to Dalaran. Going straight to the ‘retail zone’ looking for the Alchemy place. I ran around but just couldn’t see it. I had to ask a guard. “It’s the one with the doorway shaped like a giant flask, you can’t miss it!”
Well I did, so I can.
When I did find it, the bright blue bubbling doorway, I ran in to find who I was looking for and the conversation kinda went like this…
Alchemist: “I have a job you can do for me”
Me: “Oh yeah? What’s that?”
Alchemist: “Transmute me five amazing gems from some shitty ones and I’ll teach you how to make another one”
Me: “Errr. I don’t actually want to know how to make that gem so I’ll pass. So, do you sell anything?”
Alchemist: “Err no. Clearly I’m too intelligent to just ‘sell things’. Ask that wench behind the counter…”

So I asked her. And she must work in the most epically rubbish store in Dalaran as all she sold were empty bottles.
I did what any disgruntled shopper does, I just walked away.
I ran to the anvil to do my living steel cooldown and then had a flick through my other recipes.
Holy shit. I already knew how to make the gem.
But it said cooldown resets daily…
It’s a shared cooldown with crappy living steel.
Enough fucking around. I walked into the auction house and bought the damn things. 440g although this time it was from the DK’s money pot so I didn’t feel too disheartened.
Mailing them over, and logging onto Zionxi, I finally made Jeeves. Being impatient lead to it costing me nearly 5k!
Best run a lot of old raids to get my bank balance back up to a level where I’m not having a mild panic attack every time I look at it.

Outposts are out there!


Out and about levelling in Draenor means a lot of time out in the different zones. Outposts are a way of maximising your time while out in the field be it through getting handy extra Garrison Resources, gaining new followers or vanity items or zone perks.

One thing to consider and its worthwhile pointing out at the very start. Once your Outpost it built the only way to change it is when you hit level 100 and have 10,000 gold to spare. If you get your level 92 Outpost wrong then that 8 levels you are going to have to live with it! Pick carefully! 

The choice you make may be dictated by your levelling choice. If you choose to level via questing or through dungeons. The choice may also be affected by what you decide to have in your Garrison as well.

Outposts are introduced in the zone with a quest chain, this almost ‘finds’ the outpost plot and then you select a quest chain to then ‘create’ your chosen outpost.


The first zone you get an outpost in is Gorgrond. Unlike the many options you get with plots in your Garrison you have only two choices. On of those is a Lumber Yard and the other is Sparring Arena.
Both provide a boost to your attacks by being able to summon a ‘thing’ to help you while you’re there but what are the actual benefits to you while you’re in the zone itself?

The Sparring Arena gives you a buff for five minutes after you summon a random champion to fight with you for one minute. This buff is an enhancement that improves your combat skills and the more enemy’s you and your gladiator kill, the bigger it will be. Great if you’re choosing to level through Gorgrond via the questlines.

The Lumber Yard allows you to cut down vines for Garrison Resources. So you could have a mini Lumber Mill without having to have one on your Garrison.

Both of these reward followers at the end of it.

In Talador you have the choice of an Arcane Sanctum or an Arsenal.

Again, both provide followers and they both provide and extra attack.
Neither of the attacks are more spectacular than the other. More value may be held by the follower you gain upon competing the quest chain and how it will affect you in that way.



Spires of Arak gives you the choice of Brewery or a Smuggling run. Your choice here may be again dictated by your levelling method and also the amount of gold you have spare.

The Smuggling Run immediately caught my attention. Shiny things for sale! However the cost of the bag at 2,200 gold made me think about how much these other things would be to buy. Yes the treasure finder and the Garrison Resources would be good but if they’re a lot of gold to buy how worthwhile would they be? The Treasure finder only works in the zone and is only therefore useful if you plan spending time out there. The Garrison Resources can be found easier than summoning a trader every ten minutes in the hopes he has them on him to sell. You do get the chance to buy a lvl 99 follower from him which may be a convincer for players.

The Brewery on the other hand does give a 20% bonus xp while in Spires and a teleport to your ‘Inn’. If you’re leveling through dungeons then the boosted xp is a bonus that possibly can’t be sniffed at while you’re battling through Skyreach.

Nagrand is your final outpost location. Upon the creation of this outpost you are awarded with the ability to purchase the blueprints for the level 2 large buildings on you Garrison

You again have two options for this outpost. Essentially you get ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ (not actual flight!) and again this might be influenced by what you already have/are planning to have in your Garrison.

There is a Tankworks for those who want added attacks while in the zone.

And for those who want to run away from trouble there is a Corral which allows you to ride a particular Corral mount even in combat.

For those who decided to include a Stable in their Garrison for the level 2 perk of being able to interact with things in the outside without being dismounted this might be perfect. If you’re out and about doing your stuff you can essentially run away from trouble. If you’re farming and someone decides to gank you you can run away from them. Obviously it doesn’t work in other zones while you are farming but it’s a handy option in the last zone to just give a bit more of a quality of life enhancement to those on a PvP realm!

Crafting materials from Draenor



With the up and coming expansion there are a whole bunch of new mats.

The adding of the reagents bag that you can now craft directly from it, even if your not remotely near a bank. Also the fact that these mats now stack to 200 means that gathering is now less of a strain on your precious bag space once your out and about. A bonus to skinners as you won’t be having to trash items just to make room for yet another stack of 20 leathers.


Materials are now more cross purpose than ever before. With the whole spectrum of mats being used for a whole manner of things for each profession. Jewelcrafters needing herbs and alchemists needing meat are some of the things that will affect how players trade materials and also how they utilise their Garrisons.


Players who are in it to make gold have an oppertunity to have an Enchaters Study to disenchant the gear that they don’t need to sell on the dusts etc… The Barn provides the skins and furs etc… The work orders to do these take time though, so people with the gathering professions will be where the mats are at in the start of the expansion.



There are four mats that you can’t farm as it were as they are a chance drop on creation of something else.

Sorcerous Earth, Air, Fire and Water are able to be obtained when you create things via the professions listed below. As they are used by all creating professions in one way or another they are going to be a valuable resource. They are needed in varying quantities for lots of different things, like the gems, as the mats for these items have a daily cooldown one can safely assume that you will gather them in a reasonable time frame so you are not wasting mats just to try and get these elements.

They are not gathered by farming materials.

What profession you are creating items for determines what elements will be created alongside. This is to avoid any one profession being almost required if you want to obtain the elements. If Inscription provided all the elements then most if not all people would have it, which would then result in tone of the small plots in Garrisons being dictated to include a Scribes Quarters or the player in question would didn’t build the Quarters being at a disadvantage over those who who did.

Sorcerous Earth has a chance to be obtained by creation of items from the following professions:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Inscription
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Leatherworking

Sorcerous Air has a chance to be obtained by creation of items from the following professions:

  • Enchanting
  • Engineering
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Tailoring

Sorcerous Fire has a chance to be obtained by creation of items from the following professions:

  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmithing
  • Enchanting
  • Engineering

Sorcerous Water has a chance to be obtained by creation of items from the following professions:

  • Alchemy
  • Inscription
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring

Each profession can create two different types of elements and each element can be found by four different professions.

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Jewelcrafting update 6.0

With the coming of 6.0 we had a big change of stats. No more exp or hit meant that the stats that gave these were changed into other stats. Enchants were affected and also gems. 

I’d previously created a huge guide on what gems did what and now this information is largely out of date. The names of gems and what they do is now wrong as is the tables I’d Mage as a quick reference guide. 

The parent and hybrid gems theory is still correct although the gain in each stat is now considerably lower due to the stat squish. It’s about time that I updated the tables so that the information of what makes what is correct (and for no other reason than to see the changes when I look back in a few years!)

The stat squish has now meant that there are more of gems that provide the same stats just for different colour gem slots, and also some hybrid gems that now provide the stats of parent gems. 


front copy

This is going to be a big thing.
And a time consuming one unless you plan.

Levelling your Garrison

Your Garrisons level up as you fill the previous tiers plots. So if you only ever fill the Large plot on your level 1 Garrison, it will only be level 1, even if you personally hit level 100.

The plots available to you are set, so at level 1 you have two set sized plots and at level 2 you have 4 set sized plots plus 3 gathering plots etc…

Bear in mind that for these there are quests that need to be completed to open up the blueprints for certain buildings. So choose carefully if you don’t want to be out in the wild for too long completing it. Once you have levelled your Garrison, all of the previous levels blueprints are available and once you hit 100 they are all up for purchase. This however shouldn’t mean that you leave everything to the last minute as you will need what these Garrisons can deliver unless you are going to be totally reliant on a LOT of gold.

garrisonlvl1 copy

Level 1

You have 1 large plot and 1 small plot available to you.

Your small plot is primarily your crafting plot and the large is your ‘bonus’ plot. Both of these need to be filled before you can move on to the next level for your Garrison.


garrisonlvl2 copy

Level 2

This is your next stage for you to place buildings. You get a Medium plot and another Small plot. With this level you also get the Mine, Herb Farm and Fishing Shack available to you.


garrisonlvl3 copy

Level 3

This is your final level and you now have even more plots available to you. You get an extra Large plot, an extra Medium plot and and extra Small plot. As well as the Pets area.

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