Tales from the vault

I was having a look through my screenshots, seeing which ones I could delete as many of them were due to pressing my screenshot button accidentally when I should have been going left or right.

I came across quite a few that made me laugh.


How to reset a boss like a boss…



This was amazing. So, we were on Shamans (obviously) and the last time prior to this when I went in to reset the bosses I ended up pulling them out and they ate half the raid. In my defence I had never reset a boss before so like a true Huntard I had no idea what I was doing. So I told Sish he needed to do it.

He didnt know what to do with them so whispered me to ask me what he should do. Shoot the, boss and feign death straight away I offered as my advice.

Sish went in and pulled the boss. We waited for him to run out so we could group up a the right markers to start the fight. Sish didn’t come out but the bosses did. It was hilarious. He had feigned death, the bosses had thundered past him, he then hopped up to run out and he was faced with the arse end of Darkfang and Bloodclaw.
He had to wait for us to start the fight so he could come out and join in. Huntard boss resets for the win!



More Shamans resetting here. The hunters of the group were deciding who should go reset and asking in raid chat how to reset. A Druid healer gave up the will to live quite literally and just charged in an committed suicide. Sish could have just done that…

How to catch a porcupine…



Blunnerz was on his hunter and was in search of a porcupine. Sish and Limir were there for moral support and I just tagged along to see what all the fuss was about. Blunnerz was being eaten alive by the spiky little shit.
I lost track on how many times we all ran/flew around the mountain as Blunnerz was kiting this thing. It got to a point where I would throw him some healing and get myself into combat and hope that the porcupine wouldn’t go after me. He did eventually get it and then said that he hoped it was worth it.
If you play a hunter then you know how it feels to be after a pet you want and then to be kept being mauled by it while trying to catch it. Having three people follow you around while you die every five seconds while attempting it and then giggling as you get more and more frustrated is… well, funny for the spectators…





Thats not what you’re supposed to grow!

I will leave you with this little exchange in GC which speaks for itself…





I am a chicken murderer!


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