Thok is a scary mofo

When we all logged on last night we were missing Ant. He did give his apologies and would be back in an hour.
I logged in during a conversation between Flinkan and Danue and how poor Flinkan felt after buying another cape.

[Raid chat][Flinkan] Yes I feel kinda broke now only 19k left =(
[Raid chat][Danue] ofc!
[Raid chat][Danue] after all that whining
[Raid chat][Flinkan] HAHAHAHA you bastard 😛
[Raid chat][Danue] you calling a grandmum a bastard?
[Raid chat][Danue] shame on you!
[Raid chat][Zionxi] LOL bad Flinkan!

While we debated/scoured for a healer we went in to clear trash. Bearing in mind we were on Malkorok again there wasn’t much trash to kill and before long we were stood in Malkoroks ring wondering what to do.
“We could try with nine?”
“Would the healers reach everyone?”
It meant that we had five ranged and four melee. The puddles were going to be hard.
“Can you reach me if I’m here by the gate?” I asked. I hate playing by the gate. My zoom goes all wonky and I have to stand sideways to be able to see anything other than my own arse.
“Where you are is fine” Blunnerz said, shooting a spell at me. “I can’t reach Treehouse though”
Treehouse shuffled around a bit and everyone was in range but it did mean there was a bit of a void between the ranged now on his side.
“Can you put up a gate so you can get to the middle if there are puddles?” Blunnerz asked.
Treehouse started putting up his gateway.
“Either the dumb one or the other one…” Blunnerz added.
“Hang on. The dumb one? Or the other one?” I asked just as Flinkan made a reply in raid chat.
[Raid chat][Flinkan] do you not know what things are called?
“Hey at least this time it’s not me making up names!” I added.
[Raid chat][Flinkan] this is true Ella
“The demonic one! Oh god. I have a warlock and I still don’t know what the things are called” Blunnerz concided. He had now added to the list of things forever called something else.

As we had nothing to lose we decided to give it a try and see what happened.

The Blizzard God’s were with us and all the cone attacks left a nice big area for us to stack in. The puddles were always right near someone and we didn’t fail at moving when and where we needed to. At 5% it did get a bit much and people started dropping. It was one of those ‘zomgod’ moments. We were sooooo close! I had 1% health and was popping cookies and using my herbalism heals like I was addicted to them. There were three of us left at 1%…
Omfg. We did it!

Confused cheers over ts as we beat our last record and I forgot I needed to loot the corpse.
This is where I’m not sure why Blizzard hates us so much. Both bits of loot ended up being disenchanted. We had kinda got used to that happening and shrugged it off after we had a whinge about it.
“Oh well, more sha crystals”
Two seconds later…
“Spirits of war” Tsff whispered.

We went on and got to Spoils. This time we did need someone else. Verdie offered her services and we didn’t decline it!
As this fight has been documented several times, I won’t bore you with the details. We did however get a little distracted after a wipe while we were waiting to get ressed (we are so lazy)
Nanutza announced that she was hugging a skeleton so naturally when we were up we went to have a look at what one it was.
“Blunnerz is this yours? It has a dog head” I asked.
“It’s tall so it must be Flinkan, he will have the biggest skeleton” Tsff replied.
“But it has a dog head…”

This set me off on the hunt for another huge skeleton.
“This one is Flinkan!” I enthused over ts. “It has horns!”
Everyone went to have a look.

“Who dies like this?” Nanutza said, looking at a skeleton that was starfished on the floor.
“I think that’s one that was already here”
“Let’s put a marker on it and see after the next wipe” she said. The red marker went down on the skeleton.
“Why does everything only have three fingers and toes?” Blunnerz asked,  looking at his own dog/human skeleton.
“Cartoon like” Tsff said “if they have more it looks strange”
“Yeah then they end up looking like a kids drawn them, you know where they end up huge with a million fingers” Jolly chirped in with.

We tried again with spoils and with Verdies help (and a lot of ‘GET THE LEVER!’ being screamed over ts) we cleared it. Just in time for Ant to log on.
Verdie whispered me to say that she would drop out to get Ant in for Thok. As much as she helped us with the missing dps in her own admission, a mage isn’t a healer, so she bid us goodbye and good luck. Ant was ported in and we started the run to the big beast himself.

We went into this with no plan whatsoever. Flinkan had posted about it on the forum but our input up to now consisted of my post saying ‘awww jesus’.
We took our place near his foot and just went for it in the usual RT3 style.

After running around like headless chickens for most of it we got him to 43% before we were struck down by the green puke/ice/fire shit. It wasn’t a bad attempt but we did need a few minutes to gather ourselves.

“I’m just going to roll a ciggy” I said “calm my nerves…”
[Raid chat][Flinkan] Ella haven’t I told you that smoking will kill you
[Raid chat][Flinkan] you will look like an old lady when you are 30
“I am 30!” I spluttered
“Oh no, you did not just say that?” Tsff said while a few started laughing
[Raid chat][Flinkan] ops
[Raid chat][Flinkan] ❤
"Demote!" Was called out over ts "you're in big trouble now!"
[Raid chat][Flinkan] hahahaha wtf
[Raid chat][Danue] ahahahahaha
[Raid chat][Flinkan] Ella you are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen, you don't look a day over 22
[Raid chat][Antdruid] Awwww ❤
"Nice try" I said "you're trial now"
[Raid chat][Flinkan] DAMMIT
[Raid chat][Flinkan] then you will look 60 when you are 40
[Raid chat][Danue] !!!
[Raid chat][Flinkan] smoking is baaaaaaaaaad for you
[Raid chat][Blunnerz] just stop
[Raid chat][Jollyjane] no way I smoked until I was 40 and I'm real handsome lol
[Raid chat][Flinkan] hahahahaha

After this little joke/insult we got back to it. And by back to it I mean we put Blingtron up, hoped for zeppelins and then all got in the party spirit.


I think it’s needless to say that we didn’t get him down. Although I did post that picture up on the forum with the comment “we were soooooo busy killing Thok…” and we got a GZ from Rolypoly. Explaining to him that we hadn’t killed it, we spent a good proportion of time having a party instead of killing it but we would stash the gz for next week when we would kill him. We were then left with a new post:




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