Glory of the Pandaria Hero part 1


All mogged up and with nowhere to go we decided to have a crack at some achievements.
Rawls, Danue, Omgimba and I had a quick look at our list to see what we were missing. Not many it turned out but still enough to keep us occupied. Mack was sat in our ts channel with us listening to what was going on.


We started with the Temple of the Jade Serpent to have a go at the ones in there. We cleared the library boss first as he didn’t have anything attached to him and we needed a swift run through with the water buff to kill the Sha of Doubt.
The first one we tackled was Hydrophobia. Not to get hit by any water attacks while killing Wise Mari.
We did well making sure the corrupted waters were killed away from the group and we didn’t stand in crap.
The problem came when we had to avoid the bubble beam. Stupidly I got hit by the beam and went flying amid peals of laughter and the occasional swear word.
“Well I’ve failed”
“Oh Jesus Christ… I’m just going to stand in a corner”
“He’s dead… Oh we all had it apart from Gio!”

Not so much of a fail then!

We ran off towards the next boss. Rawls and Gio went through the middle. Danue went round via the library and I back tracked and went via Wise Mari. Eventually we all regrouped and started the assault.
Mack at this point chipped in with “you need to click on some glowing shit in the corners before you kill the boss”
We had no idea what the glowing shit was so we just kept going. “We only have four minutes!” “It will be fine”
Panda down, we started on the little sha before the boss. “Omg we only have two minutes! Can we pull them into the room?” They were dead pretty quick as we started on the Sha of Doubt. After having one round of the floaty versions of ourselves we got him. Achievement spam in guild chat!
“We’re we not supposed to click on things?”


“Where to now?” Rawls asked.
“Kun-Lai?” I suggested.
“Is there a dungeon in Kun-Lai?”
“Oh haha, I don’t know!”
“Why don’t we go to Mogushan Palace?”
“Sure, to the shrine!”
“I’ll make a portal!” Danue added. Clicky clicky and we were on our way.

Rawls said about the Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet achievement which sounded fun.
“So what do we do for that?” I asked.
“We have to loot jade quillens” Rawls started to explain.
“We have to kill everything?”
“I think so”

Multi shot was already poised to go and I pulled a group of five. Pretty soon there were only a few mobs left standing in corners and a whole heap of bodies strewn over the floor.

“I love how there’s all this carnage going on and the mobs are just standing there while we murder their friends.” I said as my multi shot hit three out of a group of four and the last one just stood there.
“The mobs are just to retarded to know what’s going on. Great Blizzard AI there” Mack piped up with.

After looting them all and finding nothing, Rawls was confused.
“What are you doing?” Mack asked.
“The Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet”
“Oh they’re little bits of green shit you have to find and click on”
We had started the first boss already when Mack told us there was one in this room. The excitement for the hunt was more than than the excitement for a raid.
Defeating it I ran back to the first trash room and started poking in corners. Directly opposite where you come in, I went up the short at of steps and had a poke around.
I ran back to join them on the hunt in the boss room.

Everyone stopped to have a look. Several seconds of cooing followed and then everyone was off again to search.
“I’ve got one!” Gio shouted in a slightly robot voice with a little buzz at the end for good measure, much to Macks amusement.
“Did anyone used to watch Treasure Hunt with Anika Rice?” I asked. Hesitantly revealing which decade I was born in. Rawls said he did remember it. (yay!)
Running off Gio spotted another one in a hole in the wall of the tunnel.
“Good spot!”
“Aw I can’t reach it…”
Rawls jumped on the blue fire thingy and then finally got it.
Now we just needed to find one for Danue.
These little critters were so cute. Pouncing around, play fighting and pawing at each other.

It was a shame we couldn’t keep them.
We found one in one of the cupboards/vaults where the Saurok are. And tried to take a photo of them all but were interrupted by the pesky adds running up. We got a few and then went on to kill the boss here and moved on.

Before the big boss room is two small rooms that are offset. They have mobs in there and an orb each. One room also contains the last pup which you can find by using the orb and that then blows up a big quilen statue. We took some more photos and then activated the second orb.
“Hard mode” Rawls said.

We went into the room with the boss, cleared the trash that was wandering up and down and then Rawls activated the defense system and a bunch of knives started flying across the room.
“I can’t get through that to target the boss.” I said as I clicked on my pets growl to see if he was out of range too. He wasn’t and went running off.
“Or you can use your pet” Rawls added.
Coffee, my Quilen got aggro. Pulling the boss and the four Quilen around him.
We were slaughtered.
Shrieks, cussing and laughter were all over ts.
“I think we need a tank” was mused as we stared at our corpses.
“What’s happened?” Mack asked, with only what we were saying to go by, he had no idea how quickly the pull had turned into carnage.
“We just got flattened”
“Maybe you should pull the dogs first?” Gio asked.
“Yeah, I thought that’s what you were going to do!” Added Rawls.
“Your group sounds perfect” Mack chucked in, laughing at our misfortune.

He offered to join and asked for an invite. Lisathedark showed up as logging in.
“Ooh pulling out the big guns…”
“We can just stand behind him. Jesus Christ you have more health than me and I’m the tank” Rawls spluttered.

We tried again. Switch was activated. Knives were everywhere and before the boss had gotten his lazy ass of his throne and down to us, he was dead.

“Did we get it?”
“Oh we needed to use the weapons against him… He needed to be pulled into them…”
“Yeah we didn’t really get that far!”


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