Pale Gold Slutmog – Mail

Seeing as one of my favourite mog hunting websites seems to have died a death and how actual transmogging seems to also have died in favour of showing off that end-game set. I decided to lay out the mogs I have for my characters.
I have a fair few ‘sets’ for my chars to wear dependent on how I’m feeling and I thought that sharing them and how you can get the bits would be a neat way of expanding the transmog ideas that are out there in the depths of the interwebs.

First up is my current Hunter transmog which is listed as Pale Gold.

moiObviously this can work on SV Hunters, you just need to get a melee weapon that works with it but there is plenty of choice out there!

Links for all the bits used are included so you can find out exactly where all this shit comes from.

Helm: Hidden. I like my bouncy ponytail too much.
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Savage Hunt. These came from Xhul’horac in Hellfire Citadel.
Back: Hidden. I don’t want annything obscuring my ass as I charge into battle!
Chest: Impenetrable Breastplate. This was a drop from the Temple and Ruins of Ahn’qiraj.
Legs: Lord’s Legguards. These buggers drop from rares so in this instance, the auction house may be your friend.
Hands: Ar’tor’s Mainstay. These are a quest reward from Outland version of Shadowmoon Valley. Ive done only one questline there and that was to get a bow that I use in another mog so it you can get two for one if you go out and collect this one!
Waist: Myrmidon’s Girdle. This drops from Elites, so be prepared to slog it out if youre lower level.
Boots: Malignant Sabatons. These are Raid Finder boots from Ysondre.
Bow: Huntmaster’s Longbow. This bugger is sold by the vendor in your Class Hall. It’s a green and cost 100 gold.


Don’t forget more Slutmog and standard mogging can be found here.


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