Well. This happened…

So we did a raid with a bunch of people. Utilising a lock on Thok we went for another loom run.

Unfortunately we may have all had WoD-itus and were not concentrating to our fullest.

We managed a first pull on Thok that interrupted my eating by 1 second before I got my food buff. Scrambling into position we took up our ‘Jester formation’
“Ranged with me, stack on the green triangle. Healers with Blunnerz on blue…” I started to list off the basic formation.
“And all the cool kids with me” Fenrir added. Taking up his position of the King of melee.

With the first set of fixates, Blunnerz was throwing feathers around for people. I, for one, have this amazing ability to miss them when I need them and get them when I don’t. How on earth however, he thought anyone was going to get this one, I don’t know!

We got the second cage open when someone avoided the fixate and this caused Thok to eat Blunnerz.
“Hey!” He blurted. One down, and the rest of us soon followed.
“Well I just got punched in the head by the add” I mused as it was decided that it was Rawls who we needed to blame due to his 8 second pull timer.
“This isn’t lfr…” he said.
“If it was you would blame the healers” Blunnerz added.
“Actually” I started to say as we all grouped up again and started eating and refreshing flasks “if it was lfr you would be blaming anyone apart from yourself”

Setting up to go again, Rawls put a ten second timer. We went into the first blood frenzy just before it started to hurt and scrambled up and down the corridor and main room as we played piggy in the middle with Thok. Once he had gobbled up the released add we stacked on his foot.
At nineteen stacks we moved together to force him into blood frenzy. Nothing happened. 23 stacks…
“Why isn’t it doing it!” Blunnerz demanded. People started to die. 28 stacks…
“There’s enough people…?” Rawls was starting to get concerned with what was going on. 32 stacks and four people were dead.


“We will just have to keep going…” Blunnerz decided. The rest of us either spammed buttons to try and kill it or sat there glued to the screen saying out loud each stack as it appeared. It was like listening to kids calling out numbers as a teacher pointed to them on a whiteboard.

“This is crazy!”
“His energy bar is just constantly full”
“Go melee!”
“I’ll taunt in three” Rawls said. Aribiter died just as Rawls taunted of him.
“Any externals?!?”

This kept on going.
“All I can do is holy nova” Blunnerz said as the stacks still crept up.

Then. This happened….


92 stacks! After bugging out he finally died. I’d already killed him once so my only hope lay on a bonus roll for my longed for neck aaannnd… Nothing. God damn it!

Every pull was messy. We sort of just blundered into them, mishap after mishap. It was also the funniest raid in a long time. We had started off badly and never seemed to recover.

Seigecrafter wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The trash almost went down in one go. As I was on my Hunter I was standard belt ‘fodder’ taking up my position to go in by the pipe.
Fenrir was on the even belt numbers. Last time hadn’t gone to well for my belt partners and I was like a ‘bad luck’ curse as my first partner died and then when Fenrir took up the charge, he died on there as well.
This time however, we were going like clockwork. Belt after belt was brought to its knees. On my last belt I actually managed to disengage into the pipe that takes me down and landed right in front of a whole swathe of laser burn on the floor.
“I’m off” I said so that Fenrir knew that he needed to get ready “Err. Am I trapped?”
A second later I was snatched from where I stood and watched my health momentarily plummet as Blunnerz used leap of faith on me and dragged my through the laser burn. I did notice that I wasn’t quite trapped but what’s a long run around the shit on the floor compared to someone being able to pull a dps into fire?
Electromagnet was next and started up in earnest. With everyone being swooshed around I activated my buff. “Fox!” I yelled over the chattering. And then I died just about at the same tune as the buff wore off.
We did kill it, not long after in fact. And we carried on to Paragons.

Now I was on Lilouann to preserve my lock out on Garrosh. After the patch I’ve become less inclined to heal with her as I don’t find it as enjoyable any more and have been dabbling in the dps side of things. But here we were ready to kill this thing/many things.

On the way in to Paragons we had pulled every single pack of mobs in one go. There was swirly shit everywhere people were dying constantly.
It was able to be compared to a stampede of excited kids on the last day off school, at the final bell. Rushing through, forgetting things, going back, pushing through again past the school bullies who inevitably knocked you back against the lockers… a crazy mess.
Finally in the room, once it was clear we started in earnest.
“I don’t know the order” Aribiter said as he was being pummeled from all angles.
“I’ll take Ri’Kal you take everything else” Rawls added.

I don’t know what was going on with my screen but the caustic amber would land, I’d move out of it and as I stood on the edge of the puddle it would appear and disappear. I had no idea if I moved to the right slightly, the amber works be there or not. When the Kunchong appeared next to me I had no choice but to risk it.
It was in fact there, I had to literally be in the middle of it for it to be visible. I got right to the opposite edge and flopped face down into it.
“Tits” was all I could mutter. My Anhk was available so I hesitated. Getting my fingers into position to make a run for it over the last few pixels of the puddle. Ressing I then flopped over right out side the puddle.
“Oh for Christ’s sake”
“Did you res and die?” Blunnerz asked.
I resigned myself to watching them battle through.
It was over a lot quicker than I thought. Being a healer I was only really looking at the raid grid and my immediate vicinity. I hadn’t realised how many bugs we had gone through by the time I’d keeled over. There was only two left and they were going down fast.
“There’s an unprotected Kunchong next to me…?” I may have not been seeing it right and there was actually a shell over it but the sight of it being so close was making me jittery.
Once they were dead and we recovered it was on to the next room. This one I was not looking forward to…

You would have been forgiven to think that after all the mistakes and this being the last boss we would have got ourselves together.
But no. We were going to finish as we started it seemed.
We ninja pulled, again. This lead to much screaming and people running for the exits. The gates went up and there was nothing to be done apart from suck it up and make the most of it.
We stacked up, but not before a weapon had landed in the worst place.
Gio was going to hesitantly do the Engineer. He was on his lowly Hunter to get a bow from it and didn’t have much optimism about it all.
His fears were right as when the weapon landed, it killed him instantly.
“Gio, engineer…” Blunnerz said as we battled the adds.
“I’m dead”
“He’s dead”
Cue a scramble of people going across to kill it before it released the fiery wheel of doom.
We ressed him and he took care of the next couple that came along. We hadn’t sorted out the groups however so ‘everyone LEFT’ was the default order for the transition phase.
We landed in Temple of the Jade Serpent. They were half way to Garrosh before I loaded in and I mentioned I was not in possession of the damage reduction buff.
“There’s a bubble here” Blunnerz said. As I was making my way over to it he decided to use leap of faith to pull me though it. Just as the cleave came down killing us both instantly.
It was a wipe.

Our second attempt was a lot more organised. No ninja pulling and pretty much everyone was left alive. Hairy moment when both Blunnerz and I were mind controlled but it was quickly dealt with.
We got through rather easily. Possibly due to having Mack on his warlock! Nevertheless, we were there to get looms and looms we got.
Along with many laughs.


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