We did some HC dungeons and this happened

We didn’t have enough people to raid so we got a group of five together and went for HC dungeons to snag the last bits of gear we needed.
Fenrir offered to tank.
“You’re going to tank?”
“Have some faith!”
“That’s great! You can tank Bladefist!”
“Hold on. I said have faith. Don’t expect a miracle”

This meant that Rawls could go dps. This ‘life choice’ was ultimately his undoing as we went through the dungeons.

I’d accidentally managed to queue us on normals to begin with and it was only made apparent when we pulled to groups and a bunch of flowers and no one died.
“Ella you’ve put it on Normal!”
“I was wondering why they weren’t hitting for much”
“We have to wait 10 minutes until we can queue again…”
With nothing to do but carry on we got to the point where you can scramble up the cliff face if you jump in the right spot. A millimeter out either side and you’re just left jumping at the rocks. Blunnerz made it up seemingly on the first try.
“Blunnerz can’t you leap of faith us up?”
“It’s a two minute cooldown!”
As I have failed at every attempt to get up this cliff I reminded them off the hill just a few feet down that you can just walk up.
“Guys! If we just kill this one mob you can just run up the hill”
Fenrir was off and pulled everything around him.
We strolled up the hill and went behind the first boss.
“Did we do all of that to miss two mobs? ”
“Ok then”
I was on a mission to kill all the flowers we could so I could ‘skin’ them for herbs. Every time I was lagging behind the group people knew what I was up to. I’d sneakily multi shoot them near other mobs so that they had to be killed.
As we made our way around there was an abundance of flowers.
“Can we kill these?” I asked. Standing there looking at them.
“No.” Blunnerz said.
I still stood there.
“Aw I can’t pull you…” he said as Fenrir charged out and ran over them all.

The spider cave was a necessary evil apparently.  We got the spider to come down quickly enough but there was so much crap everywhere that it was hard finding the Orc before it found the spider.
“I’m being punched by an Orc!” I yelled.
“I’m so glad I have tidy plates” Fenrir mused “I can’t see anything in here so you’d be surrounded in Orcs if it wasn’t on”

On the last boss I took forever loading in.
“Run over the flowers!” Was yelled over ts.
“I’ve only just got in hang on!”
“We’re here trying to save Stormwind and you’ve only just arrived?!” Fenrir said as the flowers we missed took aim at him.


Skyreach was next.
“I hate this place! In fact I hate this whole zone!” I said with venom as there was much groaning about the dungeon we had been given.
It was this dungeon where we spectacularly started to fall apart.
“Do you like the bird boss?” Rawls asked.
“Err which one?” Both Fenrir and Blunnerz asked.
“The one with quills. Do you know what your doing on that?”
“To be honest I just wing it…” Fenrir laughed at his own joke “wing it!”
“And there’s the wind boss…” Blunnerz added.
“The wind boss. Much like the lift boss in ICC” I added, remembering a fateful time in there.
“And there was a lift boss in Siege” Blunnerz reminded us. This ‘boss’ Had claimed many lives…
We made our way around. On the boss with the wind spirals I somehow managed to block myself in as I cut the podium completely in half while kiting the pools of yellow goo around the outside. The boss was down before I panicked and I was left laughing hysterically over ts.

The wind boss was very aggravating. More so for Rawls who had manage to roll quickly to the top and then found himself half way round again after being pulled back by Blunnerz. I also managed to die at the top of the stairs due to being stood in shit I couldn’t see. With that and Fenrir falling off the platform with the quills bird, it was going well.

On the last boss the random pally we had with us had the laser thing following him and he managed to make a circle of crap around me. Blunnerz decided that it was the perfect time to leap of faith the pally into the circle so he was trapped.

After the last boss was down, Fenrir said to jump down. I questioned it as it was quite high up.
“You have a buff, jump” He said.
“Are you sure?” I questioned, there didn’t seem to be a buff. I teetered off the edge and dropped. I landed in a messy and very dead heap at their feet.
“OH” Fenrir said as everyone started laughing.
“Yeah, Now I have the buff!”


Shadowmoon Burial Grounds was our last one. We ended up with a rogue who announced his woes of the last group he was in to us.
“The tank left after a wipe. The healer sucked so he left and then the dps left too. Please don’t be like the last group!”
“Cant promise soz” Blunnerz replied. It did seem to subdue any fears that the rogue may have had as we went onwards to the bosses.

The first boss with the crystal things that get dropped on the floor was ‘intense’. instead of one crystal coming down to do the aoe stuff we had two at a time, which meant that we were rapidly running out of room. There were at least 12 of them by the time the thing died. A constant stream of ‘move the boss’ was going out over ts as we tried to negotiate the crystals and not run over the runes at the edge. The rogue died due to not standing on the white runes during the eclipse phase but didn’t seem to mind, I guess he was just happy to be in a group that wasn’t going to leave.

It was time to announce that my bow was yellow, to which I got the stream of replies stating that my weapon is always broken. I also ran over a crate on the way into the cavern we were heading to.
“I ran over something! Add!”
“You know your winning at the game when you can pull and add out of thin air” Fenrir joked.

After the second boss I got a little kamikaze and opened up with Barrage as I was wanting to get on.
“What the… Where did all of these come from?”
“Barrage! I wanted to get a move on! Suck it up and lets go!”
I died almost instantly, luckily you spawn right inside the room when you release so the run back is, well, not a run at all. As we got through I’d taken enough of a beating for my bow to go red.
“My bow is broken!”
” Oh my god… Ella!”
“It’s ok! I’ve got my loom!”
Equipping that we carried on. It’s at this point that I informed everyone of why I had my loom taking up valuable bag space.
“You know that dungeon in ICC where you have to run away from the Lich King?”
“Oh yeah”
“Well I was doing that and my bow broke, so all I could do was send my pet in and hit the mobs with my stave. After that I was so worried about being seen as an idiot, I carried seven bows with me so I always had something else to equip…”
“Oh dear…” Rawls said, as the others were laughing.”



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