So not ready for raiding…

We killed Brakenspore! Yay!
Jolly managed to sleep through it due to being knocked out by some hideous bug that’s going around, so we decided to give the ‘Fake Tank’ a try.

When questioned about his understanding about tactics, ‘Fake Tank’ Fenrir had them spot on.
“Swap when you have stacks…? To be honest I’ve never tanked this before so I just wing it”

Before placing our lives and repair bills in Fenrir’s hands we were waiting to see if Jolly was logging on. The appointed people had picked up Flamethrowers and were testing them out on the team. I had itchy feet and went exploring.
I had already unsuccessfully tried jumping on some mushrooms behind the group so I went off to the other side.
There were some rocks in the water that I would be able to land on and then a mushroom at just the right height next to it. The temptation was too much and I went for it. I landed on the rock, I wasn’t in the water but I was still dying… I almost got to the mushroom when I shuffled off the mortal coil. Dropping my Flamethrower out to sea.

I laughed. People questioned why I was dead. Narlos and Blunnerz ran over to have a look at where I was. Explaining what happened I clicked release much to the displeasure of Narlos. “I was ressing you!”
There was then questioning by others who did not know what was going on as to why a Flamethrower was in the sea.
“I died!” I announced as I ran up to get it. It was just out of reach, I’d have to go in to get it. Although this meant I’d died again! Nevertheless, I ran back and this time got it.

Finding that the sea was bad. I turned my attention to some rocks near the entrance to the beach. They looked so jump worthy, I spent a coupe of minutes trying before Blunnerz charged in and took it at a slightly different angle and was on them.
“God damn it Blunnerz!” I said as I changed my approach angle and jumped up.
Blunnerz was busy trying to get onto a higher rock when he fell in a hole.
“Oh! I can’t get out!” Blunnerz said as the troops started to make their way over to see what was going on.
“Haha that’s what you get for showing off”


Blunnerz wasn’t going to let this rest and I found myself in the hole as well.
During the commotion of people laughing and gloating Blunnerz manage to get Fenrir in and as a bonus, got him stuck under a rock. Fenrir couldn’t move and we were thinking about writing tickets to say we were stuck.


I tried to use my sacrificial dagger that I still had on me. Apparently though I was now too intelligent to stab myself with it. I stopped for a moment to think about what to do.
At this point Blunnerz somehow managed to get out and shouted “I’m free!” Over ts and then laughed as he scampered over the rocks and ran away down the beach. It was at this point that someone had the brainwave of getting Treehouse to summon us a full 20 get up the beach in order to get us out.

Finally we got around to killing things. There were several wipes as we worked out the best way to burn things and trying out different people to get the dps balance right. Eventually he did fall and we stood around for a few seconds as the realisation that he was dead sank in.

We moved on to Tectus.
Coming across three different coloured adds we took one of them out and just as it was asked which one we should switch to now, Rawls was hit in the face and dropped like a stone.
“The one that just killed Rawls!” I yelled. “Yeah! Take that you bastard!” Rawls added.
We had managed to congregate in the middle of the arena while killing the adds and all of a sudden Tectus appeared. Several cries of fear went out over ts and a mass scramble to the edge of the arena. Here we were faced with… His arse.

“He looks like a monkey…”
“Is that his bum?”
“Errr… Does this mean we should have come in a different door?”

While Tectus was busy glaring at an empty staircase, we formulated a plan.
“Barrage go left and the other one go right” Blunnerz said, clicking through the journal.
“The other one?”
“I can’t remember the name…”
Eventually working it out, the tanks punched Tectus in the butt cheek and away we went. It was going well. Until everyone got their left and right confused and we cut the arena into two…
“wrong way”
“I got confused!”
“Stop running in a circle!”
“I couldn’t remember which way to go!”
I however had decided to go with written confirmation on what way was for what ability…


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