Lilouann needs a helping hand

After what could only be described as a disastrous night raiding it was decided that I need to gear up Lilouann so that we could have that magical third healer.
Looking at my gear it was a sorry sight.
As I don’t like healing dungeons I’d never bothered with proving grounds. I’d essentially found the right treasure loot or bought what I needed to bypass hc dungeons and go straight into lfr in Highmaul.

When I was talking to the guys about it, I confessed that I’d only ever attempted bronze at level 90 and that was it.

“I still need to start the legendary on this char…” I laughed.
“Oh my god” Francis whispered.
“Oooh” Rawls said.
“I’m going to boost you through the dungeon. Come on” Francis said decidedly.

We were off towards Skyreach for that stupid band thing. Ketod came along as well and we got two lowly players who as a happy accident were boosted as well.
One of them asked why it was a boost run.
“Slacking healer needs a ring” Francis replied
After the band was looted we Garrison hearthstoned.
“Now go do proving grounds”
“I can’t”
“I tried and failed so I gave up on it and just geared myself for lfr” I replied, laughing.
“How do you expect to raid heal?” Rawls asked, unconvinced.

There was a flurry of whispers and finally Francis asked “shall we give it a go Ella?”
The giving it a go resulted in the two of us in a meeting room and one very confused recital of log in details.

Eventually, he was in. We rejoined the chat group and he had a bit of a mealtdown.
“Oh my god Ella! Your ui is going to give me seizures!”
“Why do you have run keybound to S?”
“What keys do you use to move?”
“Z and X, right?” Rawls interjected.
“I use the arrow keys to move. They’re just for strafing” I added
I tried to log into armory but ended up cutting him off.
“I got dc-ed. Did you try to log in again?”
“No I went on armory”
“Ok maybe don’t log into anything, you’re going to have to just sit there on ts”

Francis logged me back in and went to proving grounds and got through bronze.
“I just used tide on the last bit…”
“Where is ascendance?”
“Um somewhere between Q and P…” I said, not entirely convinced it was.
“I don’t even know what I’m doing”
“Ella do you have a flask?”
“I don’t think so… I might have a crystal of insanity…”
“Where’s that?”
“Press B and it’s in the top row”
“That’s the old one… hang on. I’ve found a flask”


He started on silver. We all went quiet.
“Fuck sake I just tried to turn around and used wind shear instead…”
Ketod broke the silence to ask how it was going.
“Nearly there. Shuuusssh”

Shit was getting serious.

“I’m done. And I’m going to log off your account as I literally can’t look at your ui anymore”

Ketod asked me to log in again to give me some upgrades. I literally was yawning at everyone on ts and as it was 11:45 and I needed to be up at 6, I had to request they were mailed to me.


Apparently I was logged out in proving grounds. I’m suprised I wasn’t left on top of some random tower in Theramore! Apparently my ui is so bad that he didn’t trust himself to not have a seizure getting over there!


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