Tweeting the news

So its been a while since I actually posted on my website. Aska kindly reminded me that i was slacking.

The reason? Well, since the twitter integration its been so easy to take a screen shot and add a few words and send it off!

You can follow us on @TRJWoW to see everything as it happens but I thought I would go through and pick out some of the highlights that really deserve the story behind them being told. 

We decided to go in to HFC. And by decided I mean we just kinda shrugged and went ‘why not?’
None of us had read anything, let alone watched a video about what we should be doing. We just decided that if we read the dungeon journal it would be a-ok. How wrong we were.

While I was trying to get my head around what everybody should have been doing, the rest of my team mates decided to amuse themselves. After a bit of smack talk, someone got a wand out and started shooting at another player. Soon everyone was shooting at each other and running around. My ability to hold their attention long enough to discuss tactics was diminishing every second.
In the end, the phrase ‘boys… put your wands away…’ was a common occurrence over ts.

It should be said at this point that I myself have been guilty of ninja pulling. Not just because I am a Hunter.
I was merrily stood still, away from the group who were killing trash while I was tweeting something that had happened. Busy cropping the screenshot, I didn’t realise that they had killed everything and the boss was running over to the exact spot I was stood in.
Screaming, running around in circles, general confusion, “oh Ella!!” Was shouted.
“I was tweeting!”
“Jesus Christ Ella…”

Once we had gathered some self control we had the boss down. There was the magical loot box and the inevitable spam clicking to see what’s inside it.
“Whoever is in the box, can they please get out…” Jolly asked after many futile attempts at getting in.
“Oh sorry, that might have been me” I piped up, exiting the loot window.
“No worries, I know we all want a look”

Loot was distributed and went skipping off to Iron Reaver.
We had an amazing ninja pull. We knew who’s fault it was without even asking.

This boss is generally a clusterfuck. And it’s usually equal amounts of knowing what we’re doing and luck that gets us through this.
The main thing being yelled out by people is “get the fuck away from me!!!!”

We then had the joys of the pool boss. Can’t remember it’s name. It just likes wallowing. Henceforth it shall been known as Hippo.
Rawls was explaining the tank tactics to Jolly.
“There’s a mechanic where I’ll get big and explode and then you’ll get big and explode…”
While Rawls was explaining sexy times to Jolly (we were allthinking it) the rest of us surveyed the room. Being in a mischievous mood the inevitable question cropped up.
“Rawls… What colours are the pools?”
“There’s a green one here. A green one over there and a purplish-green one at the back…”
“So when you say move it to the green one…”

This one was actually fairly easy. It seemed easier to get to grips with than the last boss.
We had a couple of wipes where people were all trying to get in on the action with the runes so Francis got tough.
“If you’re not assigned to do the runes then keep the fuck away from them!”
Everyone went silent…
Point made, we tried again. This time we were organised (as much as we can be) and we kicked Hippo ass.

It might be a time to point out that three of us were drinking.
I’d had four beers and contemplating hitting the rum. Francis was on his way to seeing six screens instead of three.
The tactics for council were typed out. I was struggling to remember everything.

Somehow, we did manage to kill this without much effort.
It wasn’t without someone going crazy over the dispelling.
Ariadna, who had joined to help out was having colour issues.
“I don’t fucking understand what colour we are meant to dispel on! I see yellow, browny-red, a purple? I just don’t know what the fuck is the fucking colour!”
“Just dispel on yellow”
“I don’t ever see fucking red! When does red happen? How are we meant to dispel on red when I don’t ever fucking see it!?!”
“We will do it on yellow, it will be fine”
And fine we were! Ish.
We may have pushed one of them over too early and covered the floor in purple shit but we did kill it.

We called it after that. Happy with what we had done.

I would however like to point out that five of us went into a Mythic dungeon after that. Only to have Francis become too drunk to heal properly… Giggling at the situation, he told us that he had to go to sleep as he couldn’t focus and he was starting to get a migrane.
What a cute little pisshead!


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