Mythic SoO for the lolz

Unfortunately, this is just going to be wall of text because any screen shots are on my computer and I haven’t pulled my finger out of my ass to get them. But, oh my. What had we let ourselves in for?

We had decided to go through SoO on Mythic for a chance at the mount. The were a few of us and then we pugged the last few spots. Which were mostly dps.

Most of it was a tank and spank. We did have a slight blip at Fallen Protectors which we thought was going to be a sign of what was to come.
At one point, we lacked healing. Francis and I logged onto our alts. Then people were alive but now not enough dps. While we were waiting for more suitable dps, Francis started jumping around at the broken bit by the entrance to the Protectors.
“Are you trying to get up there?” I asked, watching him bounce around.
“Maybe” He replied. Still trying.
I ran to the ledge with the little puff of smoke, clicked it and was sent up the to top of the stairs.
“Are you fucking kidding me?! I have never noticed that” He said as he landed next to me.
We had Mack on his lvl 91 shaman healing as well which should have been fine and dandy but he hasn’t played it in months and was a bit rusty.

We pulled anyway and it was a giant clusterfuck. People had zero clue what they were doing. The group on ts were operating as they should, moving out with the white line, stacking when needed etc. The group not on ts, well, they didn’t move at all.
We had Rook go into his phase and Sorrow, Misery and Gloom appeared. Starting to dps those suckers down we suddenly had Sun go into her phase too.
“What the fuck?” I said, which seems to have become my standard phrase in pug groups.
“I know…” Marvv replied, unimpressed.
Shooting anything that moved, Rook started pummeling the group in the dome. People ran away and then regrouped just as He went into his phase.
Marvv had the add chucked on him and then proceed to struggle to stay alive due to lack’o’heals and the fact that the crazy pug dps had already pushed Rook into his phase again because they couldn’t control themselves.
This went on with all three of the bosses until their last 30%. Which is when the fun started.
They just went nuts with whoever they could target first. Not paying any attention to the health pools of them. We had two bosses die and then go back up to 30% because… reasons.

I’ve had some super messy kills on this one. But nothing like this. Literally the dps were like rabid animals and couldn’t see past the middle of their screen. Yes zerging is good. But you have to zerg them together not as and when you can be bothered to press tab… Eventually, they died. We finished sweating over the enrage timer which was coming close.

Moving on to Norushen we managed to pull the entire area apart from three mobs who logically should have been the only ones we could have pulled if we were walking on the route that takes you by the cliff… I really don’t know how we manage it!

Norushen was a bit boring. Aside from the zillion of gold orbs around the room that I had zero clue as at why there was so many of them. I however got into ‘rawr’ mode, forgetting that not everyone was on ts.
“There’s an orb…”
“Under the boss is an orb…”
“Can someone soak the orb”
“The orb is still there!”
“I’ve soaked the FUCKING ORB!”
Once the boss was dead we all started to run into the next room. A select few who have had nightmares about this room backed away.

“Hell No.”
“We’ve bugged it. Pacman floor is showing?”
Everyone went in to have a look at this point.
“I’m going to dispell everyone” Mack said as people started running around the outside of the room.
“DON’T!” I shouted. Running away from everyone.
“I’m going to dispel Ella” Francis said, chasing me around the room.
Luckily the adds were dead before he got a chance and we were thrown against the wall.
We had been in here before with a different pug group and people failed at not releasing people from prisons…
Hopefully this wouldn’t be the case again.
Sure enough people got trapped and you could see who knew what they were doing and who didn’t.
There was a group of us running around all the prisons releasing people while others stood soooo close to the button but just couldn’t quite muster up the brain cells to go stand on it.
It was a small mercy that enough of us were totally over geared for this and could just kill it quick.

We reconvened to another night as we had been worn down to faceplanting on our keyboards due to the Pug people. And it would take far too long to kick them all.

The next night came around and we stated off again. Taking the portal to Ogrimmar we started on Galakras.
I point blank refused to go up the tower. I’ve seen enough of them to last me a life time.
Tower group was sorted however and we pulled. Shit went down very quickly as the zerg’o’meter hit overdrive.
Slight hiccup when the tower dps died due to fire and SOMEHOW I found myself up there. Autopilot kicked in. I’m clearly scarred for life with that building and just can’t help myself.
Tower? No.
*Tower opens*
Tower! GO GO GO!
(Help me now)

Juggers was just the same. People were everywhere. Some, who had clearly endured this all before stood by the gate. The ones that hadn’t stood on Juggers’ side and faced the consequences of being thrown a million miles away and receiving zero heals.
There was the bonus though of being able to just stand there while all the shit hit you though, which was nice. Almost like being able to play a Hunter properly. Stand there and go semi afk!

Shamans was probably the first time we could appreciate that we were doing Mythic. Although not in a way that killed us.
Last time we were here and this pair went down we were ecstatic. These bastards had caused us no end of trouble as we tweaked what we did every time until we found a tactic which worked for us.
The urge to put up markers had to be contained.
Marvv pulled the entire area for us to aoe down. Which before would have lead us to run away screaming over ts.
While the last mobs were being cleared up I asked if we were resetting.
“I think the Mage has gone in?” Marvv replied.
Watching my mini map, I could see many many dots going in.
“Stand back I’ll get them” Marvv said, joining in the scrum.
The bosses came out and we were going. Whether you had sorted out your stuff or not!
It was at this point I was taking to other people and I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing when a massive rock landed on me and knocked me back. Giggling to myself I realised that I might need to move out from the swirly circles on the floor.
It was quite messy. With no clear direction on where to take the mobs there were walls everywhere, people were dying to stacks of some hideous shit that we didn’t even realise was a thing. And there were rocks trying to crush us.
Half the raid was dead when we got them down.

Nazgrim was next. Another fairly boring fight… Being able to push right through defensive stance meant that we didn’t need to plan anything. We nuked straight through and on to Malkorok.

We assumed out positions around the outer ring. The one thing to note is that the vast majority of us had no idea what the mechanics were.
The fight started off normally, people got launched into the air etc… then there were swirly things everywhere. Not your normal soaking swirls. These were floaty ones, and we didn’t do anything with them. In the confusion in 80% certain that things came out of them (although I might be confusing them with the adds from the first boss) regardless, everything I remembered that needed to be done and everything that needed to be controlled was forgotten in an instant as soon as the boss was pulled.

Once he was good and dead then the next challenge was spoils. We actually needed a plan for this one. Arranging people so that we had a balance on both sides. I was with Jolly to go back to the good old days of yelling at him to open boxes.
Once we got down, the boxes were opened by everyone. There were more adds than needed and they were punching clothies like there was no tomorrow.
“Why the fuck are they opening everything!” I yelled, while typing a raid warning.
“I don’t know but I wish they would stop” Jolly replied.
He gave up trying to tank everything and resorted to the good old ‘you pull it, you tank it’. Once we were into the next room we still had adds from the previous room following us around. Trying to deposit bombs while opening boxes and being kicked by adds couldn’t have been easy but quite literally we gave up caring.
Marvv’s side was more well behaved and he was struggling to get them opened quickly enough.
It resorted that they were so slacky at doing anything, we had to send people over to help.

Then we had the joy of Thok. That stupid Dino that still hadn’t given me the neck I wanted.
This was another zerg. He was dead before we had needed to really do anything. I ran over to look at what his bloodied remains had relinquished.
No neck. AGAIN!

We had fun at the door to SCBF. It wouldn’t open at all. Turned out we needed to kill some of the mobs that were frozen… helpful.
I wouldn’t like to say it 100% was true but I have a feeling that this thing was dead before the first wave of weapons came out. I certainly don’t remember having to deal with them from all angles…

Paragons. No one could remember the order and no one seemed to care about what boss was marked to focus.
It took us two attempts to get Korven out of Amber. But we were soooo close to the grand finale that it was just an aoe-fest to get everything down.

When we finally got to Garrosh a silence went out over ts. Marvv have a brief recap on tactics.
“Who is doing the engineer?”
“I can I guess” Mack said
“Where are we stacking?” I asked as I was concerned that Mack wasn’t going to make it.
“By the back wall” Marvv replied.
This was fine. I turned around and liked at the ‘death star’ that was due to go straight through us.
“I can go and help out” I said “if it’s looking doubtful it will go down”

We pulled.
The weapon went out and was killed quickly.
“Engineer” Mack said as he trotted off to deal with it.
“MACK!” Marvv shouted “kill it please!”
I ran off to the side where the wheel was that would run straight through us. I was expecting the engineer to be nearly dead.
He was full health.
I got one shot on him and then the wheel broke free.
“That’s how you win at engineers”
“Mack! You were killing the wrong one!”
“So much win right there”

We reset and did it in our normal central position. Dealt with the engineers. I made use of the mind control macro that I still had from progress on this thing.
It all went very smoothly.
Until we got to the Stormwind phase.
It was the perfect time for me to lag out and by the time I loaded into it. I was dead.

However. The mount dropped.
There was a need roll by everyone which lightning won.
Mack then asked every one in ts to hs in 3, 2, 1…
People were PISSED OFF.
Mack was being spammed abuse even though Lightning had won the roll.
We had people reporting us and getting their friends to pretend to be the Blizzard Police.
It was quite funny but I’m pretty sure we won’t be making it on to their Christmas card or friends lists!

Gz on the mount Lightning!


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