Last night we had several attempts on Kilrogg. I don’t know what was wrong with us however as we were just not getting it.
I was getting angry, people were getting fed up and stupid mistakes were being made.
It was completely draining and sucked the fun out of us.

Apart from one thing…

As standard, we needed to pug in healers to cover our current shortfall. We had a pally join us and a druid.
Giving out the ts details we had people logging in and we decided to get cracking.
After sorting out the groups for the visions I was very very glad I wasn’t needing to deal with them. Usually I miss things because I’m not paying attention but this time it was because I couldn’t even see them.
The room is green. Very green. And in Blizzards eternal wisdom they decided to make the vision markers green as well.
It got so bad that I was considering switching to a colour blind mode to see if it helped.
While I was getting arsey about the decor, our pugged druid healer was seemingly shambolic. We were yelling things out, typing things out and he just appeared to be in his own little world.

After four wipes, I’d run in and found Walter off to one side.
“There’s a repair bot up. Everyone repair!”
No one had said that they had put one down. It was just ninja pulled out of someone’s arse and hidden off to one side.

We went again. The druid didn’t move for the heartseeker countdown and got hit right next to the boss.
“What the actual fuck”
“Who the fuck was that”
“I’m not going to name names but it was our druid friend…”
I looked in ts
“There’s no point, he’s not in ts” I said, annoyed.
“But he logged in?”
A flurry of ‘what to do with heartseeker’ tips were put up in raid chat.
“He’s in the rt1 channel”
We stopped talking
“Yeah look! There he is!”
We started laughing. Uncontrollably.
Marvv dragged him into our channel.
“Wrong chanel mate!”
After he realised what was going on and where he was he started talking.
“I was so confused. I was getting messages and then what was being said was completely different”
“I bet!”
“There was calls for cooldowns and I kept telling them I’d already done it”
“Haha! It must have been amazing when we were all dying but they were still sounding like they were going”
“Could have been worse, you could have asked for a res mid fight”
“The funny thing is, I did. And I said I’d put a repair bot down…”

We then started laughing in guild chat and causing havoc.

As it happens, they wiped and as the guild has already decided that ‘it’s Rolys fault’ one can only assume that it’s because he stopped healing to yell at Duethril.

The poor poor druid. We teased him about this for two hours.
We had completely lost our focus and had to call it early but still were laughing about it on ts well after we had all disbanded and gone our separate ways!


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