Is it fair?

I realise that it’s been a long time since my last post. I have so much stuff to type up but alas, it lost out to typing up my assignments and getting A’s (go me!  I digress…)

We killed Archimond on Sunday, great stuff! We did have a few wobbles but after five pulls or so, we had him down.


One thing that was a hiccup was the chains and breaking them in order. I use dbm and doing this boss with this group was the first experience I’d had. When we got to the chains part I noticed that amidst the other flurry of text on my screen, it said what chain number I needed to break. ‘Great!’ I though. ‘now I don’t need to be turning my camera all over the place to see who has done what’.
Yeah. Dbm doesn’t like to make it that easy.

Dbm tells you what position in the chain breaking queue you are. Which is nice! Big letters fill your screen. Im always third (stupid alphabet) but I get this announcement.


(or something like that, I was tempted to take a screenshot but thought that instead of tweeting, I should probably be killing the boss…)


This is someone else’s screenshot showing the chain. Now when this first happened I was expecting something like the below shot when I needed to break it…


But no… That would be too easy on a fight like this! So they give you this…


Well, not quite. They do however demand that while you’re running around screaming at being chased over ts that you steady your nerves with a little counting puzzle…


Wtf dbm! You’re expecting a group of people who are crying because the imaginary Wolf thing with dreadlocks is chasing them and trying to bite their arses to then have enough mental prowess to complete a puzzle? No no no no. What you get is this…


Such fun…
Implement this plox.


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