We had a raid last night that didn’t quite go according to plan.
Starting at 8:30 anyway, we were missing a tank and two healers which meant we had to go to the glorious world of pugs.
Which was fine, we had done it before. However this time it took us over an hour to find the people we needed.
First tank shows up, gets here and then says they need to go.
A healer joins but all they are doing is server hopping.
Another healer joins and stays.
Then we get a ranged. A Warlock! Summons all round!!! COOKIES!
A tank.
Final healer.
Sorting the groups out (as we were starting on Kilrogg) things went swimmingly!
No one died. Everyone got in the visions… I had heartseeker right before my group and seamlessly swapped with Frank…

While we were waiting for people in Kilroggs room it was noticed that I had something on my head.

Frank: what’s that parasite on your head?
Me: that’s a bird pretending to be Leatherface…
Frank: Pepe… Whenever I hear that name I just think of a Mexican
Me: or Pepe Le Pew!
F: nope it’s still a Mexican name… What’s that thing you hit with a bat?
Me: a moron?
Ketod: ellas…
Me: a piñata!
Frank: yes! That’s it
Me: Ketod… Did you just say ellas?
Ketod: I insulted you and you didn’t even realise… Well I’m still in the group…
Me: I’m tolerating it…
Ketod: tolerating it because you don’t have enough healers???
Me: …yes…

We got to Gorfiend and the mini boss went down before rather smoothly. Coordinating the group of three hunters to stand in the circles that do the aoe damage they went down so quickly.
We got organised as Gorfiend was crawling out of his pit.

Me: I didn’t die!!! Why have I lost Pepe?!? Oh. It might have been an hour.  Fuck my life…
Ketod: jesus christ ella get a grip woman…

Gorfiend was started well and we got to the first feast of souls. Adds were dead and we were going for it. Suddenly people were dropping like flies.
I turned my camera around to see what the fuck was killing us and I was greeted my the crone mini boss. It took a few seconds to work out that it was her but when I saw the purple pools you have to stand in I knew we had some how annoyed the gods of blizzard.
We fake wiped it, ressed the dead and had a good chuckle at it.
The next attempt was smooth as silk.

We were going to go to Xhul but the three we pugged in left. Jolly started organising an archimond group for ring upgrades. Xozox (Zoz-Zox) asked to join.
Oz: I can come
Jolly: you’re going to have to remind me who you are…
Me: it’s Oz!
Jolly: look, I might not sound as old as Grumpy
Ketod: oi!
Jolly: but I’m getting there…

Ketod did say something that rang true. I’ve been having fits of hysterical laughing over things in the past couple of raids. “does this mean you’re actually having fun again?” he asked.
It does. And now we’re more or less on our feet again it’s good to be able to stop stressing over it and enjoy raiding and having fun.
As Jollys lad would say: Smash keys, smash boss, get loot… And have a bloody good laugh while doing it.


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