Move Anything -BfA Fix!

All the hard work for this is due to Bluespacecow MPV-Technical Support on the American forums!
-They’re on twitter with a wealth of knowledge so check them out here.

The actual add-on has been updated and compatible with 8.0, hurrah!


If like me, you hate where the default bits and bobs are located in your UI you might use Bartender and possibly another add-on called Move Anything. I have been shamed by my clusterfuck of a screen when I used EviUI so that was long ago ditched and I used these two smaller add ons to create the screen I currently have.

One of my biggest issues was that the icons that float around your minimap rapidly run out of space due to the static nature of the Blizz default icons like mail and tracking.

old minimap

I couldn’t read my location properly, the default buttons were getting covered with shite and it was a mess. So I had a clear up with Move Anything and it ended up looking like this….
new minimap

Holy shit, how clean does that look!?! My mail icon is right in the top corner so I can clearly see when I have mail to get. The raid/dungeon level banner and the guild group banner have been moved under the location waypoint thingy so they are more visible.
Anyway, it looked great until BfA pre-patch hit. And then it was all fucked.

If like me you have clicked the Move Anything button in the WoW menu and been faced with a box that should have the different category drop down menus and found it was blank, then have I got news for you!

I had blank box of doom and had a look on the internets for a solution, most of the posts were ancient but there was one that was recent, looking for an alternative to Move Anything as it was broken. Thinking that was what I wuld have to do as well, I clicked on it and read down a bit, seeing that the recomended alternative didn’t remember where you had put things so you would have to do it every time… Nah. Not for me. Then Bluespacecow listed the patch that she he (been reminded that the gender of your in game char or your avatar doesn’t determine your actual gender! Just too used to referring to people based on their character, sorry!) had managed to come up with and where to find the link.

Essentially, if you go to this dropbox link you will find two files that both need to be downloaded onto your system and put in the add on folder for the fix.

If you’re not sure what to do with them, don’t close the tab that you downloaded them from and follow the steps below.

Once downloaded, locate your World of Warcraft folder in Program Files (x86). Once in the Warcraft folder, find the one that says Interface, open that and then select the one that says AddOns.
In the AddOns folder you will find one for MoveAnything. Open that and pause for a moment.

Now we need to get the downloads into that folder to make everything work again. There are two ways of finding the files you downloaded so that we can drag them across.
If you haven’t got rid of the downloads bar on your internet window, then click on one of the two downloaded files shown on there and select Show in Folder.
The other way is to right click on your folder explorer icon to open up another window for you to use and navigate to Downloads which should be a quick access option at the top of the menu to the left of the window.
Arrange the display in this folder (whatever way you got to it) by date descending if it’s not showing your most recent downloads at the top already by clicking on the Date Modified tab and you should find that your two files are listed right at the top as they are the most recent thing you have downloaded.

Now bring up the other window that had your WoW folder opened up into the MoveAnything one. With those two windows side by side, drag the first file from Downloads into MoveAnything. It will say that there is something in there already with that name and do you want to replace it click yes. Repeat the process for the second file, select yes to replace.

Close down WoW as you need a restart for the add on to load properly, close all the file explorer windows as you don’t need them anymore. Reboot wow and once you’re into your char, open the in game menu, click the Move Anything button there in the middle and the category menu should open and everything is now visible enabling you to rearrange the things that broke due to the pre-patch.


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