Alliance Navy – Mail Transmog

wow-warbringers-jaina-1-994x520We are going to take control of the seas alongside Jaina! How better to visualise that than with a transmog based around the notion of an Alliance Navy outfit that is becoming for a champion of the waves?

This one I have had knocking around for quite a while and never really found a situation that it would be fitting to use. Now though, once we take to the seas under Jainas lead I’m sure there are going to be a lot of female human Mages emulating her style but what are us mail wearers supposed to do? We may not have much in the way of Alliance themed mogs, aside from the set you got in your Garrison but this one might come in a close second.

I devised this one from when I got the big ass gun from the Allinace questling while travelling to Pandaria and loved how it looked. Realistically I might need to get Raider out again to really seem like a member of the Alliance Hunter Fleet but this mog does make me feel like my roots are with the Alliance in the BfA expansion.

Alliance fleet


Head: Fleet Commanders Hat. Do 3 rare naval missions from your Garrison Shipyard. It is account wide, so if you have done it on one of your chars before, you should have this already. Alternatively, if you cba to do it, the mog looks fine without the hat!
Shoulders: Fox Grove Spaulders. Jade Forest quest right at the top in Terrace of Ten Thunders. only two quests to do before you get these.
Back: Maiden’s Tattered Sail. Quest in Arathi near the pirate area. Kill shit, job’s a good’n.
Chest: Fuselight Chainmail. Badlands quest up near Fuselight (duh… Obviously!)
Gloves: Finder’s Keepers. Quest line in Eastern Plaguelands where you have to help the ghost of Pamela Redpath in Darrowshire (bottom of zone).
Waist: Stormwind Belt. Get this from your Dwarven Bunker in your Garrison by turning in 50 Iron Horde Scraps and one Ravaged Iron Horde Belt.
Legs: Booty Bay Trousers. Last in a questline to kill the Bloodsail Captain.
Feet: Landfall Sabatons. These buggers again! Pearlfin Village questline in Jade Forest.
Gun: Airship Marine’s Sharpshooter. Given from the intro questline to Pandaria. There are other guns out there that are similar but they don’t have all the bells and whistles that this bad boy does. Try this one for example! The southern area in Kun-Lai Summit is where you’ll find this is a quest reward.

Don’t forget there are more transmog/slutmog that can be found here.


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