Periodic Destruction in The Laboratory of Mardivas

Remember that quest you picked up ages ago that sent you into a rando cave lab where you got to kill an arcane beastie and then unlock a chest?


Well that same lab has two extra things to offer you.

  1. 500 rep each week
  2. An achievement at the end of it all

You also remember all those things that looked like bits of elements used in crafting that seemed to drop everywhere? Well, they are actually useful and you need to keep them!

While the quest to do it doesn’t pop up every Wednesday after reset, it is there. This does mean that you have to either remember it (along with everything else) or make sure you add it to a ‘to do’ list. And of course, remember where the bloody place is.

To make the location easier, you see where it says Azsh’ari Terrace on the map, near the middle? It’s right near where the ‘I’ is.

Getting in the lab (once you’ve dodged all the other shit outside) you’re greeted with the same set up as the intro quest except this time you can interact fully with those floating crystals you see on both side of the walkway to the main part of the cave.

It might also be worth pointing out that this area phases you. So if you’re hoping for help, you’re shit out of luck but if you’re in war mode and being shat upon by the opposition, you could hide in here until the dust clears.

So what the fuck is this achievement?

Well, those crystals that are hovering above those podiums can be interacted with by using those mote thingys that you’ve been carting around with you. Using the water one on the small podium will summon one type of mini boss. Using a water on the small one and on the large blue one will summon a different mini boss. And the different combinations of ‘motes’ will summon different mini bosses which if you kill them all, will grant you an achievement.

This reminded me of the ball-ache that was gems in Pandaria where I ended up making myself a little chart so I didn’t lose my mind trying to remember all the stat combos (and names!) and this is kinda the same principle.

lab work


Now these little bugger all drop some interesting items which may inspire you to farm some particular ones for transmog. Issue is currently, there isn’t much data on all of them to see who drops what and the actual drop rate. But, nevertheless, here is all of the summons and any interesting bits they could drop for you.

Arcane Amalgamation
Drops Mardivas’s Universally Lauded Tote, which is also a drop from the Arcane chests dotted around Nazjatar when you get to that questline…
Watery Amalgamation
Drops the Scroll of Violent Tides off-hand
Burning Amalgamation
Drops the Igneous Longbow. (which isn’t bad looking, fuck. I need to get on that!)
Dusty Amalgamation
Drops the Coralspine Bulwark shield. (Jesus, another one I need to farm until it drops…)
Herald of Salgos
Drops (who fucking knows!?)
Spawn of Salgos
Drops (no purples listed yet)
Salgos the Eternal
Drops the Salagos’s Volatile Basher one handed mace
Osgen <Shifter of Tides>
Drops the Glaive of Swells, which would you believe it, is a glaive
Drops Azurite-Infused Crystal Flayer dagger
Omus <Lord of the Depths>
Drops Slicer of Omus one handed sword
Ungormath <The Malevolent>
Drops the Tide Wand of Malevolence, which I would hazard a guess, is a wand
Xue <The Cinder>
Drops the Pyroclastic Halberd big ol’ pokey stick. Fine, polearm
Drops Technique: Glyph of Steaming Fury
Drops (Currently, your guess is as good as mine)

The purple drops are only 360 in item level so they seem a little low considering the struggle some classes are having at item level 390+ but, there are some nice models there and as it is early days, there may be more drops from theses little shits that just haven’t been registered yet.

The main aim though is to complete killing them all for the achievement which due to the only being able to kill one a week due to the massive rep gain from it, means that it will take 13 weeks to finish the list.

That’s if you remember that it’s there every week!


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