Secret Fish

You know the Gnome standing near the lure for the Deepwater Maw rare? She gives out the fishing quest to hoover up some fishies from the pools? well she’s not just interested in hoover technology and has an interest in actual fish too, particularly the ‘secret’ ones.

You have an option to ask her about some goggles. It’s these goggles that allow you to see these secret fish all over Azeroth but you have to do something for her first before you can get them.

Over Mechagon you can fish up quest fish to hand in to her. These give 25 rep (at least they did for me as a Human!) and can be completed daily. That’s right, daily.
With that in mind, they should be fairly easy to fish up.

Catching those fish!

For three of them, I just stood next to the quest giver and fished there.

Energized Lightning Cod
About 5 casts in and this one was mine.

Bolted Steelhead
This one took about 30 minutes to fish up. It’s worth noting though that as I didn’t collect all of these on the same day, I also got this while fishing up the Shadowy Cave Eel.

Solarsprocket Barbel
This took a fraction under 50 minutes to get. On the plus side, I hit 150 in Kul Tiran fishing while doing it!

You also do fish up some vendor trash, but these are essentially free gold so I wasn’t complaining!

cod barbel steelhead.jpg

Mechnical Blowfish
This took me about 4 casts. There is sometimes a rare that spawns near where I grabbed this fish. So you might want to be careful!


Tasty Steelfin
This took about 11 casts. The first time I went after this I noticed that there were some robots under the waterfall flanking a cave. Stupidly, I went over to have a look and ended up enabling PvP as it’s an arena… The next day, the arena was gone and I could plonk myself on a rock and fish away.


Shadowy Cave Eel
Ok, so I don’t have number of casts but I started this at 5:20pm and at 5:21 I got the Bolted Steelhead (second day of fishing these up so my original one had reset) which might lend itself to waiting to do the three supposed coastal fish Energized Lightning Cod, Solarsprocket Barbel  and Bolted Steelhead until last as they might drop for you while you’re fishing up the others.
At 5:25pm, I got the eel, so it only took 5 mins of continuous casts to get it.

cave eel.jpg

Sludge Fouled Carp
Started fishing this one at 5:39. It’s the same place as the rare Foul Manifestation can be spawned. Pond is a bit shit and you get a lot of “water too shallow” but the area right in front of the tunnel is deep enough.


Pond Hopping Springfish
This one turned up in 6 casts! I tucked myself away by the side of the pond that has a cliff bit so that I didn’t pull the lizardy boi on the opposite bank or the Trogg like things that were either side of me.
Obviously it helps when someone else crashes through and pulls them all away so you have time to get yourself into position before they all come running back.

pond hopping

Bottom Feeding Stinkfish
Ok, this one is an anomaly as I actually fished this up in the Sludge Fouled Carp pool. I got it a minute after fishing there but, the apparent location to get this is shown below.


Spitting Clownfish
I got four casts for this. There is one of those leafy dudes roaming around so I had to nestle myself quite near the edge without dropping into the water. On the plus side, getting to it is quite easy as you can just run around the edge of the island without worrying about pulling things.


Once you have turned in all of these you can get your goggles on and search out some more just don’t forget, you can turn these in daily for some much needed rep!



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