Irradiated Undercoat -Irradiated Elementaling Pet

I got this undercoat after helping to defend a drill/rig/whatever the fuck it is.

I was kinda excited because it was another shirt I could add to my collection.

Not quite.

Skimming over the wall of text that went with it I just left it in my bags and didn’t really think much of it, until I got back to Boralus and went to see it as a transmog option. Scanning for the ‘new’ message above one of the shirts but it wasn’t there.

Maybe this is actually a good time to read the tooltip rather than just imagining a neon green undershirt and trying to figure out what I could transmog it with. (PSA: It’s not neon green, it’s the same visual as a mail chest item. You get a neon glow though!)


What the actual fuck? I don’t understand what any of this means?

To Wowhead!

So, the kind people who have spent more time investigating things have explained it thoroughly. I now understand, but the shit is spread out everywhere with no ‘kid friendly’ pictures to spoon feed me the information my sleepy ass needs. (It’s 2:40am as I’m writing this…)

First thing first. The Reclamation Rig needs to be a construction that has actually been completed to get the event rolling but still needs to be defended.

That’s this bugger…


Once this is up and running, participate in the defence of it and the shirt is a potential drop from it.

Once you have the shirt, pop it on. (RIP Trial of Style winner shirt.)

Participate in defending the rig again and you get to collect the unstable isotopes. They just get sucked into your bag automatically and look like green motes. They stack well past 100 so you might end up with some left over. Once the three hours is over for them, you can vendor them as trash items.


They only last 3 hours, so really, you need to be collecting them from everything that comes in the waves and you do that by hitting as much in the face as you can. If you get to the party late, or just idle around and let others do the hard work until the final wave you might not get all of the ones you need and then you will have to make sure you can get the rest before the three hours are up. Actively participating in the defence from the beginning got me nearly 250… so just get stuck in…

When you have over 100 isotopes, use the shirt while it’s equipped. You will use up one charge out of the 5 and 100 isotopes will be used.

At this point, it will tell you that you need to wait a day to use it again and you will get a green glow around you and a buff that increases your threat generation, heals you a little but also increases the nature damage you take. This only lasts 30 minutes so panic not clothies, you wont be pulling the whole island forever.

And that’s it. Kinda. You just need to gather the 100 isotopes per day for another four days. Upon using the last charge, it turns into a ‘melted’ version but still in your shirt slot.

melted irradiated undercoat

Use it and your shirt slot is made free again and you get the pet.


So to recap:

  1. Put shirt on,
  2. participate fully in the defence of the rig,
  3. use shirt when you have 100+ isotopes,
  4. complete steps 2 and 3 over another four days,
  5. use the melted shirt,
  6. get pet,
  7. profit.


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