Wednesday Reset – PuG’s, Rage Quits and Warmode.

I’ve trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns.


This was a ‘happy’ gripefest if that could be a thing? The OP was expressing their general response to all the group applicants that were rejected and then went on to type out some nasty shit because they got turned down.

The OP points out that it might not be that you were rejected because the Group Leader thinks you’re shit at the game, it was because you’re a Death Knight and they were looking for a priest…

I’ve seen some pretty shitty comments thrown out by people who are having a a temper tantrum of toddler proportions because something didn’t go their way or they fucked up and someone had the audacity to ask them not to do that again. But there were some people who had experienced the pain of having to decline 10,000 warlocks when all they want is a rogue but not the bombardment of ‘kill yourself cunt’ messages that swoop in once the decline button is clicked.

I’ve been declined. I just let out a living approximation of a death rattle as my soul dies a little inside but I just click refresh and then carry on.

On the reverse to this, there was the opinions of the people who had been rejected and thought they didn’t deserve to be. They had a perfect Raider IO score and were well geared so they just couldn’t understand why they hadn’t been snapped up…

While Raider IO wasn’t brought up as much as I thought it would be, the waiting around in the queue after applying to a group was clearly an annoyance to some. For them it signified that they were being told the Group Leader was waiting for someone better to come along but still wanted to keep the carrot on a stick dangling in front of them. It told the player that they weren’t thought of as that good to be snapped up instantly.
Which grated the egos of certain people in the thread, it must be said. There was an air of ‘I have a good IO score and my ilvl is high, therefore I should be picked’ which, I’m sorry, is dick attitude that stops me picking people if I do make a group.

If I’m running keys, especially lower ones, I don’t want to be in a group that equates topping the damage metre to how good you are.

Player A: Look at me at the top of the meter! You guys are all shit, you should be reported for trying to throw the dungeon!
Player D: You body pulled mobs from the next continent, you ninja pulled every fucking boss, caused more deaths than the plague… tell me again why we are shit because you are the top of the metre????

Even if they play perfectly and are top of the metre, if they are raging about it not being quick enough when we have nearly half an hour spare, it gets right on my tits.

Player B: Come on! Keep Pulling!

Player B: Pull more!

Player B: Why are you going so slow

Player C: It’s a fucking Mythic 3 Karen! We have until the heat death of the universe to get this done!

This is why people are fussy! Not only are they looking for particular classes, they are looking for particular attitudes too.

Many people did comment that the rage does seem to come from people who were applying for a group that had clearly stated it just wasn’t looking for the class that the applicant was playing.
The issue of trying to find a group as a dps is frustrating, you are playing a class that might not be the flavour of the month with regards to dps output or it’s a week where the affixes really only smile upon one or two classes. You can do the dungeons but the internet has whipped up the hysteria that only these god like classes are able to do M+ this week and therefore you’re languishing, not being looked for by group leaders or not accepted into groups when they haven’t directly specified what they are looking for. Not going to lie, this has happened to me playing Hunter.

The Huntard stereotype has meant that my actual brains behind the keyboard when it matters is overshadowed by the reluctance to have a hunter in the group.
Motherlode for example with its thousands of mobs is thought of as being signed into failure if you have a Hunter. Them or their pet is going to body pull everything, the pet is going to charge off killing things you were trying to avoid etc…
Which is really fucking annoying when I have Camouflage as a talent for a fucking reason when we are in dungeons and I have dismiss pet represented on my action bars twice. I’ve been in many dungeons when we have had a second Hunter who has played like they were trying to live up to the stereotype and I’ve been in many dungeons where the Priest or Mage has been the one body pulling every fucking group…

but at the same time…

I can see it is frustrating to be on the other end of having to sift through a million applicants that are not what you are looking for and you are wondering if these people can’t read, then how will they know what buttons to press…
Maybe all your’e now looking for is someone to be able to cast Hero, or you’re doing Tol Dagor and you are looking for a Rogue to be able to unlock everything but everyone and anyone is still applying (and this is more so in raid PuG’s) because they are hoping that by trying their luck you might be able to still squeeze them in somehow.

It’s a two sided coin but as many posts pointed out to people unhappy with being rejected, you can always make your own group to suit your standards.

classic quit

Bit of Classic WoW fun here, and after all the salt that seems to be clogging the arteries of the general forum, this might be what the doctor ordered.

So the OP was asking about when do people think they will have their first rage quit in Classic. What activities will they be doing that makes then nope the fuck out Alt + F4 style.

After playing on the ‘sample’ that was available with the 2018 Blizzcon ticket, the memories of my levelling experience there did make me chuckle at some of the responses.

As soon as a trade window pops up while I’m relaxing in Stormwind, offering some shit item and asking for huge amounts of gold in return… that’s when I go bye-bye.

Stranglethorn Vale appeared to hold some painful memories for some people

In Stranglethorn Vale, being ganked while questing peacefully


Others were having flashbacks of questing and the struggle to kill things quickly enough

Trying to solo ‘The Guns of Northwatch’ when the same lvl as the mobs but they start respawning on top of me…

Then there was this particular scenario which carried the wave of remembered pain and got those F4 trigger fingers itchy

I dunno, but probably when the healer fails to make the first jump at the start of Blackfathom Deeps for the 50th time…

This my dudes was the moment that causes people who have to watch others fail (and I imagine those that keep failing that fucking jump to just quit). Smile while they Alt + F4  their way out of the game so they don’t have to watch someones char drop down a tiny gap anymore.

jump the gap

Imagine that you have to watch this jump be attempted fifty times over, having to kill everything that proceeded to eat the player as they are trying to swim back to a ramp to have another go. Only to remember that there are many more jumps in this place and by far this is the easiest one to do…

fucked up

Yeah, fuck this shit….

Warmode misery

Now settle down before you get excited and rush off for your popcorn, this post was actually practical and not a salt-fest.

The OP was growing tired of Warmode being a barrier between doing PvP and then actually playing any other group content.
Namely the issue of not being able to help summon or trade people because you can’t see them.

There were a lot of good ideas to just make life easier if you wanted to do a M+ but not have to get to a rested area to switch Warmode off to just be able to interact with a pretty rock to then have to go back to a capital to switch Warmode back on once you were done with the dungeon…

sum stone

There were some good ideas of how this could be mitigated…

Creating two virtual queues for dungeons was suggested. You sign up and you get grouped with either all Warmode or all Normal players.

The summoning stone could have an area around it that allowed you to see everyone, WM or not thus enabling summons to be given out by two people in two different Warmode status’.
Maybe moving the summoning stone to inside the instance as when you are in there, you can see everyone in your party anyway.

The decision for Blizzard to remove the ‘Have Party, Will Travel’ perk was noted to have made Warmode/Non-Warmode party comps more difficult than they needed to be and a reinstatement of sorts for the perk was suggested. This time using the kind of thing that you have when you can ‘teleport to instance’ when doing random Dungeons or LFR. Except this time, if the group leader is in an instance, you can then teleport to that instance.
That might end up as being a ‘fun detected’ thing as it is quite ripe for abuse to get lower level people around the continents of Azeroth and beyond. That however is nothing new as you can have a mage portal you there anyway but if it was a dungeon that was being ‘abused’ it might end up on the cull list not long after it was implemented…

Someone suggested making the area around the stone a place you can switch Warmode off so that they can help with summons etc.
Someone else questioned that as the areas around summoning stones are prime combat areas.

fiesty horde

The commentator thought that having the ability to switch Warmode off at the stone would trivialise the decision you were making to switch it on, by having to go to your capital it was a big thing to then switch it on, a conscious decision you had to make, especially if you were miles away somewhere else.
It was pointed out though that the idea revolved around that you couldn’t switch it on at the stone, just off and you were able to switch Warmode off in any rested area anyway so it shouldn’t really change much.

However, someone did think that if summoning stones were set to a sanctuary, then it would be abused and if they started with stones where would it go from there? Flight Masters? Quest NPC’s? Quest areas? No. They didn’t want to entertain the possibility due to the fear it could spread.

While the ‘spread’ of sanctuaries might seem a legitimate fear to them, it just doesn’t really pan out with the suggestions that were brought up. No one was aking for an area that you couldn’t attack each other, just the ability to either turn off Warmode or at the very least interact with everyone who was there. If a non Warmode player ends up healing a Warmode player, then just like when you stray too close to the oppositions hideouts, you would get the 5 minute PvP toggle. If you stay in the area, you could end up being flattened but if you go out of the area you cant target anyone not in Warmode and you cant reach the person doing the summoning if they are in Warmode. This would force people to be fucking careful while still allowing some freedom to send out summons to party members that are still stood in the capital.

Another idea that I think would just be the easiest one to implement, is to just make it so that all party members can interact with each others summons.
Even more helpful would be if anyone at the stone could help with summoning there’s usually a vast pool of people just stood around at the stones, so if someone could help by summoning a second person from your party then it would just make the whole process smoother and the whole Warmode issue wouldn’t even be a thing…








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