Council of Elders 10m normal

After the launch of patch 5.4 and having a crack at the new raids in Flex mode, the attention of RT2 turned to the council again.
I’d been with them once before and everything that could go wrong for me did. Every quicksand puddle I ended up trapped in and dying. After five wipes we gave up and last night we reconvened.
They had cleared the first boss so I joined them on their way to Horridon. One thing became very clear, as Marvv pointed out, they trash was dropping very fast.
We waited next to the wall in Horridons room. Monknessa got her noodle cart out (hehehe) danced around with pots and pans and let off some fireworks (can’t say we didn’t announce our arrival to Horridon) and we briefly went through what to do. Tank face it away, kill adds, dispell stuffs etc. Boss came out, and we started.
After experiencing this as a lfr boss I was surprised how easily this fight seemed. I’m by no means a pro raider but without what seems like hundreds of people running around shooting at anything that moves, it was nice and clean. The adds were dispatched quickly and getting a heads up on team speak for the Dinomancer (still not sure what it does) we worked through everything that was thrown at us.
A hairy moment was when Horridon decided that he was going to charge at me. A massive dino running at you can be pretty scary. The tanks were doing their thing, the dps were doing theirs. Everything was peachy. “Nuke it!!” Came over team speak and upon that we all unleashed fiery hell on it and it dropped.
Horridon 0 – RT2 1 (again)
I would like to point out that getting to these bosses was the worst part of the raid for me. Last time I failed at life with the quicksand. This time I failed at life with bridges. Dear lord every single one I fell off or got bounced off by the bloody ghost witch things. Being catapulted to your death every five seconds is embarrassing and tiresome. Not only for me but also for my raid mates who quickly got the idea that the least painful way was to just summon me to the bosses. At least no one can say it’s dull in raids when I’m spectacularly dying every five minutes.
When we eventually made it to the council and after we wiped five times last time we were here I’m not sure if we were expecting anything great from it this time.
We got cracking with it, somehow we almost got Sul down before the first possession started. However it was not meant to be. There was casualties and we wiped it. Marvv was sure that we could do it so on the next try, we went for gold.
Everything went to plan, Sul got his ass whipped. I didn’t get stuck in quicksand, I kept attacking to ‘blessed kitties’ that the Priestess sent out.
“Sul is down! Nice work everybody!”
“Possessed on Kazra”
“Frost king”
“Ranged on spirit”
Eventually we had Kazra down as well. We did have an oopsy when the tanks were swapping and the Priestess and Frost King ended up next to each other, two or so blessed kitties got to him without us having a chance to kill them but once they were apart (not even as far as the other sides of the room) we went nuts, popping cooldowns (could have had bonus popping if Blizzard hadn’t decided to take my ‘readiness’ away)
“Nuke the Frost King”
“Frost King down, good job, Priestess”
“AND SHE’S DOWN! Nice work everyone, I knew we could do it!”

One thought on “Council of Elders 10m normal

  1. I enjoyed this fight enormously – it feels good when you understand what you have to do and actually manage to do it like at least once or twice! You're not the only one that dies spectacularly though 🙂 how was me, last night chi-torpedo'ing right off the platform? Epic fail!


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