Noodle Carts!

Today, I met up with Mac and we decided to get our Noodle Carts going.

The quest started with a sign that you find in a pile of rubble on the Timeless Isle and you work your way around the Isle, dungeons and Halfhill.

Unfortunately, I’d already put all the cooking ingredients I didn’t think I’d need in the Guild Bank, so Mac needed to come to the rescue and provide the mats for them.
For the first cart you need to cook five of each of the basic level single person foods for each of the ways.
So you need five of each of the basic food (250 stat): Sautéed Carrots, Shrimp Dumplings, Swirling Mist Soup  etc…
For the next cart, five of the next best food (so the 275 foods) like Eternal Blossom Fish
For the last and best cart (which will give your raid the opportunity to buy a stack of five 300 stat boost food) you need to cook five of each of the singular stat foods from each of the ways e.g: Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp

The quest line takes you into the Temple of the Jade Serpent, where you have to kill the Sha of Doubt. a little scroll is on the side wall, to the left and behind the Sha. The group we were in to do the dungeon, the tank and a dps left,  leaving Mac the healer and two hunters.

I clicked the scroll and this ghost panda came up, I ended up dying at about 25% leaving Mac and the other hunter up. Never the less, the panda-ghost got killed, I finished the quest, hurrah…

The hunter left and Mac whispers “where is the quest? I see a question mark…” after a brief conversation about what her quest was etc, I asked her if she had seen the scroll and I wandered over to it. “OMG NO! Blonde moment! How could I miss that” She read the quest and then we had to brace ourselves. “Omg help me! don’t leave!”

This dude is a right royal – noodle chucking, shit on the floor – arse.

I had my bear out (hehehehe) and had it set to growl. Bloody thing was as useless as a chocolate teapot. I couldn’t shake the Panda for love nor money. I’d completely forgotten about misdirect and just ran around in a circle like a twat firing off everything I had. I was getting annoyed, I kept running out of focus at the worst possible moment, due to some of my shots costing more focus than they used to, my rotation was out of kilter and this fucking panda wouldn’t leave me alone!

Eventually, ‘Kill Shot’ popped up on my screen, the end was in sight. he was at 20% health and he was going down. As was my health… just before he dropped, I got a Chimera Shot off and salvaged my swiftly depleting health from 8k to 23k. “I’ll res you’ Mac said after I said “wow”. The Boss was in a see-through heap and most of the stuff he had chucked over the floor had gone. “oh, you’re still up” she said. Then the inevitable happened. I got bonked on the head by those bloody bowls and dropped like a sack of shit.

We got out and got making out carts, I kept making a cooking fire, Mac helpfully pointed out that there are grills and what-not all over Halfhill. You learn something new everyday! There is another quest step where you need to catch 20 bags of grain being chucked off the top of the grain store near the brewery and then put it into a wagon. We went over, and caught a bag each, went to put it in the wagon that was stood right next to us. Nothing happened. We had no idea what we were supposed to do, we couldn’t off-load the rain into this damn thing. “maybe we need to get all 20?” I said. We went back and tried again. We got five of them before we couldn’t catch any more. We went back to the wagon, still nothing. Mac looked around “I bet there is a developer somewhere laughing his ass off at this” She said. Mac looked around some more “Oh fuck! It’s the wrong cart! It’s up on the hill!” Like the big green arrow over it wasn’t enough to get our attention *headdesk*

We needed blobs of something from the brew elementals in the Brewery dungeon, it was such a quick run, it helps when you have 5 ample geared level 90’s doing it.

Next stop was back at Timless Isle to kill turtles (Mac pointed out that we get to kill all sorts of endangered animals). We killed little ones, big ones and a human eating one. We avoided Horde and didnt die too many times. We had out turtle, had our food and we had our Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart. YAAAAYYYY!

P.S: Holy hell, thats a lot of mats/food needed for that, Grand Pandaren Banquet may still be a better raid food for me to make, as I will not have many big raids to feed but at least I know how to make it now. Mac is also completely awesome for providing me with what I needed to get this done, It was hella fun getting there and I owe her BIG style!

You can find her full guide here for all the help you need to get this done. (And how to pick the right cart to put it in)

One thought on “Noodle Carts!

  1. You don't owe me anything! Happy to help out – and always fun to quest with you. At least we can noob around with "the wrong cart" without fear of being laughed at directly or shamed publicly in guild chat eh?


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