Timeless Isle fun

We have all been having fun on the Isle. There has been a bit of ganking but mostly people have been keeping their faction differences to themselves. I have many times pulled my pet off a Horde member and today had someone do the same to me. Along with the previous instance where myself and a Troll hunter had reached an impass on killing each other and resorted to e-motes to convey our feelings to each other.
Me: /slap
Him: /cry
Me: /hug
Him: /cheer
The one thing I have been doing is killing the elites. First off to get the stones for my quest turn in and also to try and get the Burden of Eternity to drop. I was in a party with Naives as he was killing them for another quest. I’d originally joined to watch him die as he killed a rare (silly rogue, always overdoing it) and then he was picking off mobs. I kept loosing him as he went into stealth, but eventually we completed the quest and finally a burden dropped. I dread to think how many elites we had killed between us, it was the first one I’d ever seen. We rolled need. Naives won. We had decided before the roll, that in future if we were in a group again and came across one then the person who didn’t win this roll would have first dibs.
I had almost a full set of timeless gear in my bank, all ready for the burdens. I had made the mistake of opening two of the shoulder items that had dropped for me, they were 496 before upgrading, better than what I had but if I had left them be they could have been 535.
Someone gave out the shout for the Dread Ship. I helped kill it (if you can kill a ship) I died a couple of times and nearly died when it was time to loot but I survived with enough health to claim my prize. Burden of Eternity. Omfg.
Now all I needed was a waist or new shoulders to drop. Luckily, as Marvv, Treehouse, Chizal, Mac and I were grinding for rep for the Emperor when a mail waist dropped. Bingo. I had the burden in my bag and used it on my waist item. Now the best peice of armor I own! Just another hundred needed to see what else I have!We also grouped up and gave it a shot at The Celestials. We took on Niuzao with a team of 20. I can’t remember exactly how many healers and dps we had but we did have two tanks (not helpful, I know) Roly, our gm wasn’t sure that we would make it but as no one else seemed to be coming forward to help we went in. The advice we had was ‘get the fuck out of the way when he charges’ and that was it.
We went in and started going for gold. We seemed to be doing really well,  Niuzao charged, we ran away, we survived the stomping that he did. Then there was an announcement on raid chat saying ‘If you die, run back’ Ok, I thought, I’d only lost a little bit of health and I was able to keep topping it up with my Chimera Shot. Things started to get more drastic when I was loosing more health than I was able to top up, The tanks were being spam healed and that left the dps to get what they could in before they died. We needed to die in waves so there was always one tank and some healers and dps up so we could carry on. At the time I didn’t really know what it meant but someone said ‘he has a stack of 10, this is going to be impossible’. I had died twice and thought that my armor was going to be knackered if I kept dying. What they were going on about was Oxen Fortitude, and as we had recently lost one tank, the healer were going at it trying to keep him up. I wasn’t really looking at his health bar, I was too busy keeping an eye on my focus and my cooldowns, but suddenly he was a shaggy glowing mass on the floor and I had a pop up telling me I had won some shiny new boots. I checked them out and was immediately annoyed/dismayed that they were season 14 PvP boots. I hate PvP, why would Blizzard do this to me!? Still, one down, just another three to tackle.

Another Item that is truly annoying the hell out of me is this Arsehole Activating Device. Glowey red people, FUCK OFF! It’s bad enough getting killed by Horde but when your own faction can have a go at you as well, dear lord. I’ve been stood there trying to do a quest when I’m attacked. Now I don’t mind if I can see you and you can see me and you want to have a go, but when I’m stood facing a wall and looking at a map, where is the fun in that. pew-pew-pew-dead. Not exactly skilful. Even I can do that. So now, whenever I’m being attacked I turn my pet onto passive and just stand there. It’s quicker and as I know I’m going to die I might as well get it over with. Didn’t stop me buying one so I can be just as annoying later on, if the mood takes me…



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