Bosses I hate

There are lfr bosses I've been spamming to try and upgrade my two poorest gear items without needing to buy them (hello Shadow-Pan Assault) and one of them is Durumu for my waist item. I hate that fucking boss with a passion. God only knows how many times I've run it and I've survived ONCE. …

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Dps meter

I've been using recount for a while now. Needed it for lfr on horde side as with them being angry so-and-so's if you weren't pulling enough dps you were yelled at...WHAT THE FUCK! KICK THE NOOBSIF YOU CAN'T DPS GET THE FUCK OUTIF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, LEAVEand so on.Pretty much if you …

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Lockouts – what a bitch

Logged on last night and got ninja invited to a group and was summoned to Mogushan Vaults. Waiting around at the stone for the last raid member to arrive. We went charging in and... Lock out... I waited until they found their new dps and then hs back to the golden lantern. Missed out on …

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