Wednesday Reset – Special Edition: One Player to Troll Them All?

I've trawled through the gripefest to discover whats been pissing people off this week and boy, do we have some good-uns. This week, I came across a post where someone called out the OP... Obviously it was the weekend when most of these were posted but I just had to check out all the other posts …

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Know your DBM pull timers!

Jollyjanes' son created a video guide on how to use pull timers while we were having issues with ninja pulls and itchy fingers. I First spoke about why we needed it in this post. The video has been around for some time now and has been referenced every time that we still have ninja pulls.

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I finally have another lvl 90!

I finally got an alt to 90! Yaygzwelldoneboostedcongrats Yes that's right. Boosted. This time around I didn't but the collectors edition due to the fact lady time I did that I never used the pet and the mount got old really quickly. So the only thing I was interested in was the game and the …

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Farming dungeons for valor

With the opportunity to run dungeons to get bonus rep for certain factions of your choosing and as a quick route to farm valor, they are now the playground of the end gamer. One particularly obnoxious player, Avarilyn. A Pally from Argent Dawn sees the heroic dungeons as a quick 'pew-pew' and doesn't seem to …

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Banwave 2013

So it appears that quite a lot of people got kicked off the EU servers for using bots. When I read that the first thing that springs to mind is battlegrounds. When you get feared instantly while you're casting something. It was interesting to see the forum thread that was linked in GC by Aska. …

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Instance chat rage

One of the things I love is the raging that goes on when you put a group of random players together. I'd been on the receiving end a few times as a healer and it's quite funny looking back how angry people get over a game. Yes people, it is only a game. Sorry for any …

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Small stories of past events

While I was playing on Horde I experienced some new content. New to me anyway. While It’s been some time since they happened and I have slept many times since then, it means I cannot rightly remember everything that happened, they do bring back some good memories. So rather than file them away on some …

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Me so pro!

Just a little bit of self promotion here! Through my horde days you needed a dps meter to see how close you were from being kicked from a lfr group. Now for me it's used to see how I'm performing against the other people in the raid. In lfr I look to see if I'm …

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Dps woes

I After careful consideration I decided that I needed to do something about my dps. I wasn't able to hit over the 100k mark which was sucking large amounts of balls. I'd used a website that instructed me to change some reforging but I wasn't convinced about the results. Monknessa had been helped by a …

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Dps meter

I've been using recount for a while now. Needed it for lfr on horde side as with them being angry so-and-so's if you weren't pulling enough dps you were yelled at...WHAT THE FUCK! KICK THE NOOBSIF YOU CAN'T DPS GET THE FUCK OUTIF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, LEAVEand so on.Pretty much if you …

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