Instance chat rage

One of the things I love is the raging that goes on when you put a group of random players together. I'd been on the receiving end a few times as a healer and it's quite funny looking back how angry people get over a game. Yes people, it is only a game. Sorry for any …

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Small stories of past events

While I was playing on Horde I experienced some new content. New to me anyway. While It’s been some time since they happened and I have slept many times since then, it means I cannot rightly remember everything that happened, they do bring back some good memories. So rather than file them away on some …

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Dps meter

I've been using recount for a while now. Needed it for lfr on horde side as with them being angry so-and-so's if you weren't pulling enough dps you were yelled at...WHAT THE FUCK! KICK THE NOOBSIF YOU CAN'T DPS GET THE FUCK OUTIF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, LEAVEand so on.Pretty much if you …

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