Ore Farming

As I started ore farming on Emava so she could provide the mats to Pazima for her jewel crafting. I would keep having to look up where I could find certain ores. So far I’ve found Fel Iron, Adamantite and Colbolt the hardest to find as there are always Hordies around,  which makes it a giant pain in the ass to find.

To help any budding miners on their way, here are the spots I’ve farmed ore in and on the whole, I’ve had quite a lot of it. I have included up to where I am currently with mining, as I level I will be able to get other ores so will update accordingly.

Copper: I stuck with Elwynn Forest for this one. There are loads of nodes around the rocks and in the mines to farm. There is a hill near Jerrods Landing that has a rare nearby, the hill has no end of nodes on it and is a great place to start, after that just move around to any rocky areas and then follow the mountains round.

Tin and Silver: I went to Hillsbrad Foothils for these. Unfortunately so did a lot of Horde. There is a cave full of tin in the snowy area on the hill. First time round I didn’t manage to get any of it as there was a lvl 90 Hordie mining it all /sadface. Pretty much all you have to do is just keep circling around the snowy bit and the stuff will keep respawning. Sliver is quite difficult to find in this area so I did have to make a return trip for it and went around the areas outside of the snowy bit so I could just mine them and not tin. (This is to make sure that when I go back, I know that the green circles on GatherMate are going to be silver if I’m outside of the snow area and mostly tin if I’m in it)

Iron and Gold: I went to Western Plaguelands as it was only a stones throw away from where I was and you just need to do a great big loop. I found no end of iron nodes but only two gold, it just wasn’t my lucky day! I did go back and found some more though. Just make sure you avoid the black bears on the hilly bits of your not a high enough level to kill them without much trouble add they can bumble over the top of a rock and take you completely by surprise!

Mitheral and Truesilver: Burning Steppes. The best place ever to farm this. Just go in a massive loop round the outside, there are so many nodes, some practically one on top of the other. Three laps got me nearly 300 ores. Don’t go inside any caves and whatnot as tempting as it might be as this will just slow you down.

Thorium: I chose Winterspring. Purely because there was a tailoring pattern I wanted. It got a bit fiddly trying to mine it all. It’s not a straightforward loop around the zone, with many mountain ranges to navigate. I was able to mine Rich Thorium Vein right of the bat which helped but after two loops around I only managed to get 150 ores. Was expecting more from a zone that size. Will try Un’gol Crater next time as it’s a case of just going around the outside.

Fel Iron: Oh how I hate thee… Hellfire is the place that has the most. But it’s also full of other miners. I’ve been ganked quite a few times by lvl 90’s who were also there farming. Out of the whole area I have discovered at most 25 nodes which is quite depressing. Monknessa did send me a screenshot of her map so I could have a better idea of where to look for them. I did have a small success farming it in Nagrand, when looking for other veins.

Adamantite and Khorium: This was ridiculous to find. I went to Nagrand to find this and had to contest with the level 90 Hordies trying to gank me and steal it. It had a respawn with the rare Khorium vein which lowered my chances of getting anything. Unfortunately my jewelcrafting on Pazima is at the point where I need the ore to make the powder so I couldn’t really skip this part.

Cobalt: This had been a trial too, have tried two zones Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. Neither of which produced much considering how big they are. Luckily the veins I did find produces a fair amount of ore and I did manage to find one or two rich Cobalt Veins so I had enough to get started with.

Saronite: I’d tried Sholazar Basin for this but with the many level 90 Hordes hanging around it was just ending up as a rather tiresome and long corpse run. Even though its essentially a big loop to get round all the nodes, it was taking far too long. I decided to go to Wintergrasp. There was less ore to be found and some I couldnt get to due to the mobs hanging around but all in all it was less stressful/gankfilled area to farm.

Obsidium: This ended up with me back in Vashj’ir. I really dont like this place. The swimming around 3d nature of it meant that I would constantly be swiming into mobs and then not being able to work out where they were to try and kill them. Once I had worked out the route around the Shimmering Expanse, the respawn rate was really quick and I could gather a lot really quickly. Plus my water form on my Druid made the swimming bit painless.

Elementium: Urgh, this was like Fel Iron ore all over again. The loop recommended around Twilight Highlands was huge and didnt seem to provide much. I spent a fair few hours trying to gather enough ore for Pazima to prospect for gems. It was painful progress, although I managed to go from 83 to 84 while doing it. I could also see someone else farming in the other direction to me which wasnt helping matters, I didn’t try Uldum but I would have thought that it would have been quicker to farm due to less people.

Ghost Iron: I started off by doing laps in The Jade Forest. Near the Sri-La Village. There were quite a few and any mobs I ran into were manageable. I needed to get to the Silken Fields to start doing my Imperial Silk so I ventured into Valley of the Four Winds. Parked myself at Halfhil and then went around the farms and the lakes. It was much better than Jade Forest, I only pulled one mob which I could just run away from. Two laps round and I had got from 500 to 585. and had more than enough for my JC to prospect.


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