Throne of Thunder: Noob edition

A lot of aggro had been going on in the guild over raiding so what better way to try and reduce aggro by making another raid!

This one was by no stretch of the imagination a serious attempt. We were here to have fun primarily and kill things secondary.

We were late starting due to some technical difficulties for Chizal. When we did get there eventually we set to it. Everyone was summoned and ready to go.

We went off. Zorakan and Jollyjane pulling the entire top step of trash. They hurt. We wiped. Maybe we were a little too over excited!

On the second attempt only half the raid died. It was a valiant effort as our healers were under geared and one was a shadow spec priest!

We got through the rest of the trash with hardly any oopsys. Zorakan pulled the first hag and then somehow got pinged into the bushes and we were joined by a swarm of snakes. We had completely forgotten about them! Then, after getting through the other three mobs, we got to the bridges… It was like people ping-pong. There were cows and dogs being flung everywhere. The bridges were the cause of more deaths than the two bosses we got through and the trash combined.

Zorakan had made it look pretty easy running around, as it always does when you’re stood there watching. We needed to get across to the middle podium without being bounced or blown of the edge and also without pulling the angry Queen stood on it. It took me four attempts to get across… After this moment of madness and for me being bounced off the steps once and then getting all the way across the second time only to pull the Queen. We all congregated on the safe spot before the stairs and were shuffling left and right to avoid the bouncing trash add we regrouped. Eventually the Queen died (and a group cheer went out over ts) and we waited in the steps for the next trash to be pulled. It was at that moment that Roskva was here one minute and gone the next as he was bounced to his death.

“Did you fall off?”
“Yeah, I got hit by the one on the podium, I thought I was out of range but I wasn’t…”

While Roskva ran back we dealt with the two phantom hags that were floating around. We accidentally pulled two. However, after feeling smug about the previous bridge we decided to go all pro and take them both out. We started running again and had a far better success rate this time. Nord performed ‘leap of faith’ on me (which always terrifies me as I think I’m going to land right where the boss/trash can get me) and we stood at the top of the steps, out of harms way.

“Clear the snakes”
“Are there snakes in the other bush?”
(Everyone turns around)
“Ok, let’s go”

The last swirly frost/storm guy was the one who was keeping us from the Breaker. After he went down, we went in to his domain.

“Give me a couple of seconds!” Jolly announced. I started to go through the basics.
“If you have focused lightning on you, don’t stand in a puddle”
“Ah I was just about to say that!”
“Please get out of the water before electrified water starts, or you be dead”
“Are we tank swapping on the normal stacks?” Jolly asked

A few moments of silence ensued…
“Are we all here?”
“Yeah! Sorry I was back when I started talking!”

I got a whisper to put up markers where the pools spawn, unfortunately I wasn’t the party leader and it was at that moment that the tanks had gone for it. It being a soft enrage we were not anticipating much trouble. A couple of us died. (Possibly due to not having markers so we just scattered like frightened chickens and then ended up out of healer range) Roskva was at one point the only one neatly positioned in the puddle when it spawned and then got hit by the lightning. Oops… We got him down by the third puddle and had another mini nerd scream.

We repaired and ploughed on.

“The angry Dino is next isn’t it?”

Standing in Horridons domain we had a brief run through of tactics.
-Tank the boss side on so we don’t get hit by double swipe.
-Tank switch after every door.
-Get the adds down ASAP.
-Interrupt the Dinomancer.
-Don’t stand in shit.

“Who is tanking first?”
“If Jolly goes first then we can switch when he needs to round up the adds”
“When am I tanking? First or second?”
“Ok! Let’s go!”

We charged on. Horridon was coaxed to the first door. The adds came out and were focused on. The Dinomancer was announced and no sooner had he turned into a Dino that he was dead. The orb of control was clicked and that door was done.

“Great job, tank switch and onwards!”

When we got to the venom priests there were two of us with a large stack of the debuff. Nord was asking for dispels, I had eight stacks of it and had to run through puddles to get away from the cone attack of double swipe while still getting to the door. Eventually we were all up and running normally. The last adds were being dealt with when in inevitable happened…

“This is going far too smoothly…”

And with that I died! Instantly! I had no idea what hit me but I was up,running around, pew-pewing one moment and on the floor the next.

“Oh my god! You jinxed it!”

I got a res and carried on. Then Antdruid dropped. We were down to two healers. Not that I didn’t have faith in them but being undergeared for what they were doing I didn’t want us to come so far for it to unravel now.

“Can someone res Ant?”

Bugger. The tank and other druid were busy so it was up to us to get it done. The War God appeared and we flamed him down in a shower of arrows and sword swipes. Horridon was on his last legs… 3-2-1… NERD SCREAM!

Our rag-bag group had done it!

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