Throne of Thunder: noob edition part 2

We regrouped to carry on with ToT. Currently we had the Council to do on the first part and then onwards into the next part.

We had Mack join us which was a blessing. Being part of RT1 he knew what was going on and what to look out for.

Council had always been my sticking point as I always get stuck in quicksand. Unfortunately we lost Jollyjane early on as he had to take a phone call from work. We had Zolder, as main tank and then Farouche stepped into the breach as off tank. We had everything under control. Mack was a boss on dps and the healers and tanks were holding their own. The bosses were dropping and it wasn’t as messy as we thought it would be. Near the end of the fight, when Kazra’Jin and the Priest were both near death I somehow died. I was still able to ‘direct’ and relaxed into my role as chief kitty spotter. At one point all the direction the tanks needed was to get the bosses apart so the dps could have a good crack at the kitties but not long after that they were dead. We moved on to Tortos.

We got into a bit of a pickle trying to remember what we needed to interrupt by kicking the shells into Tortos. After a lengthy TS conversation that was as vague as it could have been Mack finally linked the ability from the dungeon journal. Doh! None of us had thought to look there! We decided to allocate a kicker and we started the pull. It didn’t go well. We wiped on the furious stone breath as all the the shells were kicked before and the kickee didn’t have DBM installed. Oh dear. We tried again. Traps were laid and we got further but still wiped. TS was getting more silent. Eventually we regained our focus, turtles were kicked at the right time and Tortos went down like a sack of, well, rocks.

We lost a tank again and Farouche lead the way into the cavern. Unfortunately he wasn’t sure where we were heading so we were killing everything. We got back on track, rang the gongs and Maghera rose up with its main heads and back up singer heads. We had to wait. We needed another tank. At this point Alryisa logged on and came along to join us. Taking charge he soon had markers down for us and was going through the tactics, running around showing us where to go and when, just out of reach of the boss. Or so he thought…

As a testament to the fine tank he is, he pulled the boss while leaping around and got us killed just as Roly logged on to ts to see how things were going.

“We asked Alry to tank and he’s just killed us!”
“Oh dear” (muffled laughter)

Alry was pretty thorough with the tactics, so much so we were all pretty confused.

“You should listen to him explaining this on heroic” said Mack.
“Yeah, there’s a purple head too” Alry explained.

We just decided to go for it. We stacked and spread like pros and after needing to kill the frozen head as we wouldn’t be able to heal through it we lastly turned on the green one and gave it everything.

“I think we took less time killing it than I did explaining it” quipped Alryisa.

After an eventful evening, we decided to call it a night.

The snails await!


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