Shiny mount!

After completing part two of flex I decided to log onto Emava to run a few dungeons to try and get me up to 85.

I ended up in The Vortex Pinnical again. I’d run this dungeon a lot leveling Zionxi so it wasn’t anything new or difficult. Our pug group ran through and got to just after the first boss when the healer left. At that point the dps pally asked us to wait. I thought he had been observant and was reminding us that we couldn’t really go any further. He then started yelling at the tank to go…

A healer logged in so we carried on. The pally then hit the broadcast recount button and spammed us with the fight details. This really reminds me of my days as horde, I didn’t say anything but just carried on. He then did it again two trash mobs later.

[I][Emava] gz on having recount
[I][Pally] MIZ CLICK
[I][Pally] sorry for caps

We then got to Altarius, I didn’t pay much attention to the loot that drops from here until this popped up.

Reins Of The Drake Of The North Wind

I didn’t really know what I was looking at but I knew it was a mount and it was purple. I also knew that other people may have rolled need on it. I clicked ‘need’. Worse possible ending is that I get it and get kicked for being a ninja. The loot box disappeared, I guessed that someone else was must have won it. Then the congratulations loot box popped up! I checked my loot table, I’d won it with a  need roll of 94.

The tank said gz, the Pally advised me that the drop rate for it was 0.7%. I announced in GC that I had it

[G][Emava] well blow me down, I just got [reins of the drake of the north wind]

[G][Marvv] gz ❤


[G][Monknessa] what did you win?

[G][Marvv] a mount I haven’t got yet


WoWScrnShot_122313_225848 WoWScrnShot_122313_225858 WoWScrnShot_122313_231101


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