Small stories of past events

While I was playing on Horde I experienced some new content. New to me anyway. While It’s been some time since they happened and I have slept many times since then, it means I cannot rightly remember everything that happened, they do bring back some good memories. So rather than file them away on some unloved corner of my hard drive, I thought I would share them as some sort of ‘postcard’ compilation.



This is an example of the thing that brought terror to me in every lfr I went into. The Hordies loved their recounts. Durumu ended with someone kicking every person who was in the bottom 15 in dps. Along with shouting “omg, kick the fucking noobs!”  The constant spamming of recount meant that you usually missed what was going on…


Shit myself

So this was when we decided to go kill the Litch King on 25 man heroic for funzies. We had just made it onto the airship but had to pause what we were doing for fear of an unintended explosion…



This was when I was farming Embersilk. I absolutely hate this place on Tol Barad. Mobs are all over the place, drop rate is shit, have to keep an eye on the timer so you don’t end up in a battle and it’s miles from anywhere. When the two mobs are fighting each other, often one would evade and then return to full health. Which slowed progress quite a lot. I longed to be able to farm in Deepholm again. As I can see mobs on my mini map I would often see the Horde patrols walking past. I decided to kill them and they went down pretty quickly. As I was running around I could see some more dots on my map, but nowhere to be seen on the ground. Thats right, in Blizzards wisdom, they decided to make them spawn in a tree… helpful…


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