Aska LOVES tea. The only way a guild member couldn’t know this small but often repeated fact is if they couldn’t read.

After hanging around in shrine, chat got around to finding peoples names/obsessions/character flaws in WoW based things. This happens quite frequently and usually causes the recipient to make a noise. A groan or a laugh but a noise nevertheless…

When this happens, usually quite a few people will get involved and it spreads like the plague. That person who you have only seen online twice in four years? Yeah, he’ll pipe up and stun you with something witty/annoying/stoooopid (delete as appropriate)

Anyway. All it took this time was a whisper from Goredel to Aska with this little nugget of comedy and it all went downhill so very very fast…







In the end, he just walks into them… no escaping the guild!



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