You have the dumbs now

dumbs 1


I’m not sure what was exactly happening that day but I was clearly being stupid and as I often like to do, I shared my stupidity with the guild.

I don’t know why I was heading for Kalimdor… but it is with a heavy heart that I remember what lead up to this declaration of dumbs.

The shrine is the place to be if you want fast access to the major cities. I however looked at the portal room and thought, “Im too lazy to fly from the Alliance cities that are stuck out in the ocean” so I had a ‘brain wave’ and decided for some obscure reason that if I went to Stormwind, I could then take to portal in the Mage tower and go to the Dark Portal, as that would put me in the south east region of Kalimdor… Clearly my brain saw ‘portal’ and thought ‘orcs come through that’ and then put two and two together and had the disasterous outcome of nine. Looking back now, I think what I was thinking of doing was going to Dalaran and then going to the Caverns of Time. Scumbag brain took over and whispered to me ‘what you actually want to be doing in portaling to the Eastern Kingdoms main city and then just portal a little further down… we totally know where you should be going’.

However after doing that and then looking at my map I realised that I was in fact further away from the place where I wanted to be than if I had stayed in god-damn Pandaria. Then I had to fly to catch a stupid boat and hope that I wasnt blown off it like I was last time just before it cut to the loading screen -.-

Anyway… after announcing my dumb-ass moment to the guild, I had the small brain wave of sharing my dumbs and then this amusing conversation followed…

dumbs 2

dumbs 3

dumbs 4

dumbs 5

dumb 6


Boys and their insults…


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