Flex fun to keep us occupied

As most of RT3 are due to attend the 25 man run today, last night we had a go at some Flex to practice.

We were going to do Siegecrafter Blackfuse up to Garrosh but we were having issues with the belt. Out of our group of 10 only the main tank had ever been on the belt before so we were all popping our belt cherries as it were!

To cut a long story short, none of us really knew what we were doing. I certainly didn’t. I’d been here before and knew what to shoot and when but actual tactics? Nope. Truth be told I haven’t ever read up on it because it’s not the stage we are. Rather than overloading everyone, I get them to read one or two bosses and then we go for it. Anyway,  a blind man would have had a better understanding of what was going on…

It was a bit of a quiet affair. We were kinda out of our depth due to being clueless, we were not getting practice on the bosses that the tanks didn’t like and it wasn’t progression.

After a while of wiping due to mines not being killed in time on the belt, it was discussed as to whether we could kill them on the floor when they spawned. Snares and traps are all useful but it’s just getting there to kill them with so much else going on. Still we gave it a go until we were sacrificed to the fiery laser as it got kited through the group due to all the sawblades making a nice little semicircle around us. Fail!

After an hour of doing this we decided to go to part 2 to deal with Shamans. We zerged through Galakras and Juggers, even with a blinding ninja pull by Blunnerz and we didn’t wipe on trash!
I asked about clearing the remaining trash but it was decided that we would just two tank it so the last few trash at the top were left and I reset the boss. I came back out and joined the melee group as I’m always worried that they will just come out and eat me.

When they did appear they didn’t eat me (phew) but they headed straight to Flinkan and ate him instead. The bosses went crazy, smiting people left, right and centre. Flinkan asked what the hell happened. Tsff had just got back to his keyboard to find the place littered with bodies. Verdie, who was listening in with us offered the idea that if I had some healing on me then when the boss reset it would eat the healer. This was followed up by =( from Flink.
We then decided to three tank it to practice and once the doggies were dead Nanutza and Tsff were off to the top of the hill with Flinkan healing them.
“Oh Zionxi you’re going to say I told you so!” Came out over TS. I looked at the raid party. Flinkan was dead and Nanutza was following him close behind.
“What’s happened?” I asked.
“You know you said about clearing the rest of the trash…”
“OH! hahaha! Oopsy!”

They died. People on the ground died. I tried to run out of aggro range and finally the boss in the middle disappeared. Treehouse and I were ok and just as I jumped around the middle getting ready to res people the other boss charged down and clobbered me around the head and I dropped like a stone.
“Err, there’s a random boss running around” I tentatively said over TS as I was trying to understand why they both didn’t reset. I watched the angry boss run back up the hill, where they’re was no one alive and then just before the top, he reset too…
“A random boss? Describe the random boss” Tsff laughed.

We got our stuff together and went for it again, this time killing the trash at the top. Tsff and Nanutza were up there already killing them when we had just been ressed, I got my pet out and mounted up just as she called out “can someone come help”. Tsff then said “two tanks are not doing much damage here” to which the priceless reply from Nanutza was “were going to hit beserk on trash!” We got them down and then got to our positions.

This attempt went better. The coloured markers were in a different order than I was used to so until I worked out what way they went I was just yelling “Move! Movemovemove” directing my little army to where they needed to stand, when they needed to stack and such fourth… Unfortunately Jolly died and then Tsff and Nanutza got a party crasher. Half the raid was dead. Everyone who was left alive was ordered to go up and help them as we were at 14%. Tsff, Flinkan and Blunnerz were the last men standing. Watching them run down the hill followed by a zillion blobs was amusing. “All those blobs!” I said over TS. “All those stacks!” Tsff replied. It for quite messy and there was stuff everywhere. Unfortunately, it was too much and I watched Blunnerz be chased through the wall by the blobs. It was like watching sheepdog trials, if Blunnerz was the only sheep and he was being herded to what could only be described as the slaughter house by 20 sheepdogs…

We decided to call it there as it was only a fun run. We were hearthstoning and such fourth when there was a ninja pull just before I left the instance.
“Blunnerz was that you!?”
“Leave the instance! Leave the instance!”
“Who pulled?”
Blunnerz then typed in:
It wasnt me >.> <.<

Haha, yeah yeah…


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