Getting that valor

I’m about half way to getting my 3k valor. Progress is slow. I’m not a fan of the whole ‘it will definitely take you three weeks’ part of this questline.
I’m just running lfr from the bottom to the top when I can(be bothered) and just enjoying the ride.

In the very first raid, the beginning was just dandy. We got through the trash at the top of the stairs and as we regrouped the tank was at the bottom pulling the room.
We dawdled down chucked a few healing spells his way and then concentrated on the rest of the raid group who were wandering around trying to work out what exactly they should be killing. As the room is quite long everyone was in when the bosses were activated. They were all tanked in one corner. Helpful.
There were amethyst pools everywhere and ranged were slowly having to move further and further away. This coupled with the blue crystal things that shoot out from the floor it meant that players were having to just deal with standing in shit or we would never get this boss down.

After popping healing tide totem to get through the last nuke as everyone was standing in shit. (This isn’t Malkorok people…) the tank was off up the stairs quicker than we could heal everyone back up. Pulling all the trash to just outside the second boss the tank then just ran straight in and attacked the boss. The majority of us followed him in as the gate slowly started to rise. This tank was not willing to wait but had failed to let anyone else know that he was an impatient little sod.

The off tank decided to go AFK. Possibly under the impression that this guy could tank the whole raid on his own. After positioning healing rain over as many of the ranged as I could (stack up bitches or die!) and putting a shield on the main tank I noticed a message in raid chat from the other shammy healer. “Lilou, put a shield on the other tank” I’m sorry? I’ve just put one on this tank… But dutifully I did,  to be fair he was kinda half dead (if a DK can be any more half dead) and put a riptide on him for good measure. This Boss went down quick but so did a few dps so after we defeated it I went on ‘res your sorry ass’ duty while the other shammy called for a mana break.

The horrible trolls came out of nowhere.  Throwing clouds of crap and punching people into next week. The main tank got eaten and he was not happy.
“Good job healers, must be really hard to press one button”
We said nothing as we were busy pressing three buttons.
Someone popped hero. This trash was too much for someone to bear/they got over excited.
A dps came to our rescue “when people are dead and someone asks for a mb and you still run in then you made the decision”
Tank replied “there’s more than one healer”
Another dps had the last word “one healer can make all the difference”
HIGH FIVE DPS! Extra heals for you!

After this you would have thought that he wouldn’t have just run in and pulled everything. But no. He did. And he died,  again. Secretly, I think possibly the whole raid was sniggering about it. I know I certainly didn’t put any more sheilds or riptides on him. He was pretty much nearly dead for the entirety of that last fight, someone was either feeling sorry for him or he was having to heal himself. Har har.

Moral of this story is: it’s endlessly more entertaining to be a healer in lfr. Also if you’re a twat and it doesn’t work in your favour, don’t insult the people who are keeping you alive because even though we don’t know each other, we end up like the Borg and operate with one mind that just keeps whispering ‘let him almost die’…

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