Malkorok and Spoils again…

Last night we carried on from where the 25man had finished. We were on Malkorok again and after defeating him once already we felt like we could easily get through this again.

We spread out, zoomed out and got ready to take him on.

Tsff was marking so that I could get some more dps out rather than just auto-shot doing the damage while I marked. We both had TargetCharms add-on (thanks Verdie for this!) which made it 10 times easier. we managed to soak up puddles and got the the second phase where it all went a bit wrong. It seemed that we had forgotten our CD’s and stuffs and were just stood there like lemons while we were being battered. We got through it and ended up in the first phase again, kinda… we hadn’t spread properly.

I had Flinkan and Blunnerz stood together which meant that we missed a puddle in the section that Flinkan was supposed to be standing in. ouchy. Then when we stacked again to avoid the breath we ended up with Ant with us as well. ‘Healer Party by the gate!’

We ended up missing two puddles 😦 So while I sacrificed myself with my dagger to speed this shit up, Ant apologised for getting lost.

[Raid Chat][Antduid] sorry about that i got disorientated
[Raid Chat][Flinkan] we missed 2 puddles
[Raid Chat][Zionxi] Flinkan, If you remember youre to the left of me then it should be fine
[Raid Chat][Flinkan] so i can blame you if anything goes wrong, right?
[Raid Chat][Flinkan] 😛
[Raid Chat][Zionxi] LOL


We decided to use Treehouse’s gateway as a positioning marker so people could work out where they needed to be on the spread out parts. This worked well. I didn’t have any more gatecrashers on my side, as fun as it was having three healers near me, I’m pretty sure the rest of the raid were feeling left out.

We set up to have another go with the positioning marker. While the ready check was sent out I noticed Blingtron. “omg wait!’ I yelled as I ran back over to him. He gave me a back scratcher and Zeppelins… I never tend to use the Zeppelins so I was a bit disappointed.

We had another go this time getting all the way past the second phase nicely due to Blunnerz using his “yellow dome” and then we had a few casualties in the repeat of the first phase again. We were not full health in that part so a slam would kill you. I was struggling through at 3% health when we called to wipe again. This time my dagger was still on cooldown so Blunnerz and I were stood in the breath and got confused when it didn’t kill us. I then used feign death so that the remaining people would get bludgeoned first. I was the last one alive. Unfortunately so was Snuggles.

“Oh my god, die Snuggles!…”
(I got hit by something or other and died)
“God damn stupid pet”

I don’t usually wish for my pets to die but at 3% health and trying to outlast the boss meant that he needed to just stop and accept his fate like a true Huntard pet before he killed me… Bad Snuggles!

On the way back in Tsff decided to have some fun as Ant was taking a phone call and pull a whole load of trash we had managed to sneak past on the way in. Nanutza ran through them all, Blunnerz threw a healing spell to her and then his pristine white raid frame turned black.

“I was just doing my job and I got punished for it…”

We were still waiting for Ant while we were all around the boss. We had our fill of noodles and cookies and were having a chat when I decided to have some fun with the Zeppelins. Ant was opposite me so I went to throw one at him but as he was out of range I had to edge around the ring until I was just in reach. Bingo! I ran back to my position like I’d done nothing at all and then looked for my next target. Blunnerz was close, but not too close and he was in the middle of the melee group so he wouldn’t be able to see clearly. I threw one his way.

“Who threw that?”

There were several denials over TS. I stayed quiet. I also threw a Zeppelin to Flinkan. Blunnerz noticed…

“I saw that one! Ella!”

This set off a chain reaction. Someone else threw one at Blunnerz and he started running away from it. As he ran past me I thought I would join in the fun and threw another one.

“Is that speeding up?!” he said as he struggled to keep ahead of them and not aggro the boss
“Nope, theres two of them” Tsff started laughing and then I couldn’t help myself, I was trying to keep quiet and laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I started laughing hysterically over TS as Blunnerz was running around and around trying to keep away from the two Zeppelins that were after him. I don’t know why I found it so funny but I did!



Serious time started again and we got a lot further, down to 3%. We were cursing the boss but dusted ourselves off and tried again. I was at the other side of the room due to being mass ressed and I got myself confused. I asked over TS why Ant was near me to which Blunnerz replied “you’re in the wrong place” oopsy…

It was on this try that we got him down and moved on to the next boss.


Spoils! Yay! Soooo much fun! Box!

We tackled the dude who spawns the other dudes quite nicely.

“ooh, he went down quick! Remember when we were here last time and we had to use hero on this guy” I said (thinking back to the 25man run)
“oh yes, we struggled with dps on him” Tsff replied.

We were at the box, in our positions and we had remembered our teams. So much win right there.
We were doing the opposite sides to what we were used to for this, which threw me slightly as I was lagging behind with yelling at Jolly to open stuff!

We didn’t have many attempts at this as we still had another night before the lock ran out to kill it. One priceless thing from last time was Flinkan saying about the flowers eating him. So Tsff was advising his side to stack up to not get a huge line of flowers just at the same point that we got a bloody huge line of flowers.

“Oh” I said
“So not just what we got then…” Blunnerz said at almost the same time
“Oh and another line..” I added as the Panda ran out again and left another huge long line on the floor.

Unfortunately, Tsff’s side wiped so to speed things up Blunnerz started running through all the flowers to try and kill himself. After soaking an entire line, he still wasn’t dead. Flowers need to eat him quicker!

We called it as we were getting tired and we needed to get a plan for what we were doing as it was a side we were not entirely comfortable with. Hopefully tonight we will get a good go at it. I’m also planning on a few wipes so we can work out what is in all of the boxes!

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