Getting back into our stride


We got around to doing SoO as a 10man from the beginning again tonight. It feels like the last time we did this we had a completely different team.

I was a bit late logging in as I’d hurried back to vote in the elections and there was a queue to get in the polling station. Typical. Nevertheless, the team went ahead and cleared the trash on the way down to Immerseus.

We had a brief chat about platforms and Tsff and I both tried to use the purple marker at the same time. I wanted to use it to explain the dps placement and he wanted to use it for the tanks platform. In the end it marked the tanks and I completely forgot about explaining the stack and spread. Once the raid started everyone seemed to know instinctively what they were doing. Or everyone was telepathic…

Immerseus is a terribly boring boss and due to the fact we didn’t do anything particularly stupid or out of the ordinary. Which is a shame as now I don’t have anything funny to write about… Anyway we killed it, got some loot and then went on to the protectors. 

This was a bit more interesting. Blunnerz decided  he was going to dance around the bosses. Wary to what happens when he gets close to bosses I asked if he was going to ninja pull…


He then decided to morph into Vinz and tell us that we were going to stack in the circle.  

“Really!?” I said over TS.
“Yeah, it will be fine” He replied.
“If you go out of the circle, then you deserve to die” someone else added.
“Look happy!” I chirpped, followed swiftly by “is this going to work?”
“well, if it doesnt then we will just do it the other way” Blunnerz said (with what could only be described as a vocal shrug) 

Well, we stacked up and went for it. There were a couple of hairy moment but it all went pretty perfectly. At one point during Rooks phase Gloom went down really quickly and I was completely oblivious as after Sorrow went down and I turned back towards the group I said “on Misery” to then have a small voice tell me “He”. 

“Oh, lol they went down fast” I laughed as I tried to find He in the mass of cats, dogs and goats flailing around in the middle.

The rest went without a hitch. Tsff went afk to take a phone call and Jolly was in charge of clearing the way to Norushen. We had the most trouble ever on the god damn trash than we did on the bosses. 

Someone ninja pulled (I was around the corner sorting out the loot so I can not confirm it was Blunnerz or not) Ant got a Sha fist to the face, there were many deaths. I trotted around the corner and had a look at what was going on. I’m not sure I can describe it any other way than a clusterfuck. People were running around everywhere trying to get away from the adds. Jolly was chasing after them trying to gather them up as they went on a rampage. Through all of that we still managed to get them down in next to no time and grouped up again to take on the packs that would be waiting at the bottom of the hill. 

We charged in, reckless and gun-ho. Jolly gathered the first lot which was rather easy, then we got another pack and then we managed to get a load of bigger ones. Pulling everything that was near us we valiantly tried to kill them all but Jolly died. One by one the Sha came after us. As we looked at our corpses and mused over the fact that we could kill two bosses without breaking a sweat but got owned by the trash in between. Tsff asked what was going on mid-phonecall.

“Oh, I’m just dead” Jolly replied with such happiness. “We’re wiping on trash while this joker in yellow is pretending to tank”
“Ok…” Said Tsff “I’ll be a few more minutes”
“No worries!”
“It’s ok, now there are less of them to kill” Blunnerz added

After ressing and regrouping we went to Zeal and managed to get that bugger down in one go. Typical.

We got to Norushen and it was quite exciting. We hand’t managed to get this down as a whole raid team and the last time was quite frustrating as Jolly found it difficult in the other realm. We have wiped so many times on this boss. Tsff said he was going to be one more minute. “It’s fine, we can wait. This boss is my nemisis so it would be better if we had a proper tank!” Jolly said. Bless him, we all know how much he hates this boss. Everyone has one that they just cant get to grips with. Mine is Durumu, Tsff hates Shamans. This one is Jollys. After such a long break on this one, it was always going to be difficult to get into the stride of it again. 

When Tsff was back we kinda forgot what the hell we should be doing. We discussed what tanks were to go in where, Treehouse was always going to go in first,  Blunnerz bagged the second spot and then we just pulled. We didn’t stack or call out when we went in. Jolly was so close to coming out alive but at the last moment died. We got him up, I ran over an orb by accident so was pretty much doing nothing to the boss. Then someone else ‘fell over’ and we started to unravel. “Jolly, go back in the orb” Tsff said. “Some one get in there so we can get a res” Nanutza joked. “everyone hug the beam!”

We died, obviously. Jolly came out with a fifth of his health.

“Don’t die Jolly!”
“Yeah don’t die to that dot”

He made it! Mass res incoming!

Our first wipe, it wasn’t tragic and we really didn’t care. We also realised Ant was afk and it lead us to devise a devious plan. 

“run out of the room” “omg thats so mean, we could just wait up here” “stack behind the pillar”


We waited for a bit and then got a bit bored. Someone decided to climb the pillars and for the first time ever, I managed to get up there while Blunnerz struggled. It was then suggested that we could take off all our gear and blame Ant for our deaths. Or we could all lay on the ground around him and pretend to still be dead. It was at this point that Blunnerz who was levitating realised that he couldn’t use the /sleep command. He just decided to float around. The lack of cloud made it look very creepy as I had a dog float towards me. He then also stripped off…


With all of us entertaining ourselves with floating around time soon passed and Ant got back in. We then went to devise some actual strategies and get this boss killed.


We did it! Finally, as a group and without any help! Onwards to Sha of Pride!

We ran into the room, trying to not get annihilated. I was asked if I was still alive “yes” I was then asked to multi-shot and missdirect.
“errr… god damn it”
“oh, you’re dead?!”
“yes, so I shall multi-shot from the grave”

Again, nothing much interesting happened during this fight, we did it without any casualties. Treehouse was amazingly quick at getting on the button when people were in prison and the ‘add at the back’ was killed very fast. Sha went down without a hitch.


We portaled over to Galakras and started to clear trash pack by pack. Halfway along I asked if anyone was in the cannon.

“oh Treehouse is”

There was a pause.

“I like how we didn’t realise that he was in the cannon, his huge dps and we didn’t bat an eyelid”
“yeah, he’s a warlock so its like its normal!”

By this time it was safe to say we were getting a bit tired. I for one wasn’t doing very well after being blasted off the towers, twice. On the second attempt I got blasted off and ended up miles away from the group.


We only had a few more goes at it, we got better, but we still were not on top of our game. Although we will have a night to get through the second part. Our feelings for Galakras were nicely summed up by Snuggles.


Until next time Galakras!

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