What to do when people are afk

We had an awful time last night. Poor Treehouse kept being disconnected and after 20 minutes we drafted in Woggins to help out. I’m not sure what he was expecting as it sure as hell wouldn’t have been the precision that goes into an RT1 or 2 raid!

Blunnerz was having computer issues so Woggins got the brunt of the zeppelins that we had saved up. This involved much sniggering as he asked over ts “I’ve got a zeppelin, who threw that?”

At one point Ant had to take a phone call from his Mum. Which resulted in the typical teenage whining being typed out into raid chat…




Conversation soon turned while we were waiting for people to get back to their keyboards to the Black Prince rep that was getting a boost. Prefect time to have a joke at Flinkans expense this time.

“Hey Flinkan have you seen that the drop rate for the runestones is going up for a week?” I said. Putting the fox amongst the hens. I was greeted by this as way of a reply.

Followed swiftly by…


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